I’ve always wanted to explore the Gili Islands, Bali’s more laid back sister popular for its marine life. The Gilis consists of three islands: Gili Trawangan, the party island and the biggest of the three, Gili Meno in the middle, and Gili Air, its name derived from the Bahasa for water because it is the only one with underground fresh water. It’s located northwest of Lombok. Cars and motorcycles are prohibited via a local ordinance and the main transportation around these islands are either bikes…Continue Reading “Swimming with the fishes and more at Lombok’s Gili Islands”

The sight of a different kind of mountain formation in the distance got me excited as the bus we rode sped into Maros and into Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park, one of Sulawesi’s interesting natural tourist spots. The said mountain is more of a vertical outcrop, rising from the surrounding paddy fields but never high enough to achieve lofty heights. These are the famous Rammang-rammang karst area, considered the second largest in the world, and is heavily forested, has a popular waterfall and caves as well…Continue Reading “Come and pour out your sorrows in Bantimurung”

The cacophony of a crowd of people at the entrance of Bangkoa Wooden Jetty just across historic Fort Rotterdam caught my attention as we as a group crossed the street and started to meander into the throng. I wasn’t much aware why such a heavy presence was massing as we pushed our way while the lingua franca, Bahasa Indonesia, was filling the air combined with the sound of engines starting, laughter and other ambient sounds. A neat line of motorcycles flanked the already narrow road,…Continue Reading “Enjoying a pristine sandbar off the waters of Makassar”

We pulled over at a forested area along the main highway where the road slightly descends at a bend. The area is cool because of the canopy of trees and after negotiating a flight of steps, got to the park grouds. A breeze blew, rustling branches and leaves as an old lady was busy sweeping the pavement. The cave’s opening contrasted with the rock wall. We walked closer and leaned over. At first we can’t see a thing but as our eyes managed to adapt…Continue Reading “The tragic history of Luyang Cave in Catanduanes”