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We understand that staying fit and getting your workout in is still a top priority for you when on vacation. And there are also benefits of constant workouts that can’t be overlooked. If you are caught up in a hotel that lacks a fitness room or you aren’t pleased with what’s available, then read on. The following are workouts that don’t require equipment and are space friendly. Arm exercises which also strengthen the shoulder and chest For an amazing range of workouts for your arms,…Continue Reading “The Best Travel Workouts You Can Perform Without Equipment”

Way back in college two decades ago, I used to voraciously read the Sunday paper and clip those travel related articles. It was a way of storing those information that I might use in the future. Unfortunately due to moving back to Cebu for the board exams and eventually work, I seem to have lost those clippings. Fast forward to the present, I’m still an information hoarder but no more magazine and newspaper cuttings and storage. Thanx to apps, I can digitally bookmark articles and…Continue Reading “As a travel blogger, this is why I love Pinterest”

The partial solar eclipse happening here in Cebu started at around 0830H and will end around 1100H. The moon’s shadow is expected to cover only 27% of the sun.