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I nominate Lagal[og] for Blogger’s Choice Award

Going over the list of the nominees for Blogger’s Choice at the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards, I was disheartened that there were so few travel blogs in the roster. Fortunately, Oggie’s wonderful site was included.

This is my choice. Great photos and wonderful places.

3 thoughts on “I nominate Lagal[og] for Blogger’s Choice Award”

  1. go lagal[og]! Dami na ang sumosuporta kay bro oggie.

  2. deserving naman talaga. same with ironwulf and others and opkors langyaw. lemme research how to conduct a nomination so that we can include you and others to the PBA.

  3. re free webspace, interested kay ko. pero bugo baya ko about these hosting things so hangyo lang ko gamay orientation. dali lang hinuon ko makasabot so way problema, i wont take much of your time. kay libre ra pud baya na. hehe. salamat kaayo.

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