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Something new to try with Cafe Eufemia menu

I went back to Pardo’s homegrown cafe and tried the new Cafe Eufemia menu. It’s something that you should try too. Cafe Eufemia has new additions in their menu: drinks, treats and more. It was something that I was looking forward too as I’ve seen their new offers at their social media accounts.

cafe eufemia menu
Spanish latte and baked sticky date pudding with vanilla ice cream

New Cafe Eufemia menu

It’s not all about sweet treats and desserts. Cafe Eufemia’s cheesy tuna panini was just delicious. Hot and freshly made, the melted cheese oozed as I grabbed a half slice. I love that the exterior was toasted and contrasted with the soft interior of the bun. It’s really cheesy and perfectly paired with the tuna, making a good savory snack. The sandwich comes with pieces of chips.

What I really liked about this visit was the baked sticky date pudding that was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It’s decadent and something new to the palate considering that it has chopped dates. NN, the owner and a friend, told me that she bought the dates during her visit to Dubai last year. I scooped a dollop of ice cream on top and ate a spoonful. Just bliss as I really enjoyed this one.

And the cookies and tarts? The gourmet choco walnut cookies were just great! It’s soft yet not too sweet which I do prefer. It’s a plus that it has walnuts, which I do prefer compared to peanuts. The cashew yema tarts are also good although I’m not so much a fan of tarts.

New beverages

Ah, it was my first time to taste Spanish latte and I love it: espresso based drink with milk and then sweetened with condensed milk. I like the interplay of both milk and coffee and it’s smooth to the tongue too. The matcha frappe is another recommended drink. It’s topped with home made vanilla ice cream but just enough that it comes out not too sweet. What I do love about Cafe Eufemia is that the beverages’s sweetness is tempered, which is to my liking.

Check out Cafe Eufemia in Pardo and try these new offers.

cafe eufemia menu
I really loved this baked sticky date pudding with vanilla ice cream
Yummy cashew yema tarts
cafe eufemia menu
Chewy gourmet choco chip walnut cookies
cafe eufemia menu
Cheesy tuna panini with chips
Latte with oat milk, and cashew yema tarts
cafe eufemia menu
Matcha frappe topped with homemade vanilla ice cream

Went back to #CafeEufemia and tried out their new food and drinks! Yummy and delicious desserts and drinks like matcha frappe topped with homemade vanilla ice cream, chewy choco chip walnut cookies, Spanish latte, cheesy tuna panini, baked sticky date pudding paired with ice cream, and cashew yema tarts! This cafe in Cebu is located in Pardo and just near the church. #cebucafe #desserts #cafeincebu #wheretoeatincebu #cebueats #cebufoodie

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Cafe Eufemia
J Tabura St.
Pardo, Cebu City
4:30PM-9PM Sunday to Friday (with Saturdays only upon special request from friends)
IG: @cafeeufemia