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Savoy Hotel Mactan #BreakfastForHeroes & #BatallaOfMactan you will surely love

savoy hotel mactan
Chef June, the Executive Chef of Savoy Mactan showcases the food on offer

Savoy Hotel Mactan has extended the #BreakfastForHeroes & #BatallaOfMactan offers till June 30!

What better way to commemorate the heroism of Lapulapu on the occasion of the 500th Battle of Mactan than with a gustatory celebration showcasing the best of Cebuano cuisine!

Executive Chef June and his team at the Savoy Hotel Mactan has prepared a delectable smorgasbord that will surely make you visit and have a memorable food experience at the hotel that highlights fresh and local ingredients as well as Cebuano culture and history. Two ongoing food offers: Breakfast for Heroes and Batalla of Mactan. These two showcases the familiarity of the culinary team with Cebuano fare. The said food event also allows them to be creative by including a variety of dishes that adds to an interesting twist to old favorites.

Breakfast for Heroes

Consider this as worthy of honoring Lapulapu with a wide variety of popular Cebuano breakfast fare. From puto maya paired with sikwate (hot chocolate), chorizo Cebuano and crispy dried squid. Of course, if you’re in the province, these are a must. Add to that a hearty beef tapa, dried dilis and many more!

Breakfast for Heroes: PHP 650 per person, serving time is from 6AM to 10AM only.

Batalla Of Mactan

For lunch or dinner, feast on chicken inasal, bangus ala pobre, steamed vegetables, adobong Bisaya (a dry Cebuano version of this quintessential Filipino dish) and more. It’s a hearty serving for four. I did enjoy the adobong Bisaya, savoring it’s flavor and familiarity as its the kind that has always graced our dining table here at home in Cebu.

Batalla of Mactan (a la carte meal for lunch/dinner): PHP 2,500 per serving good for four persons. Prior reservation is required. Available at Savoy Café for delivery and in-house guests.

Other than these delicious buffet, what has really caught my attention are the interesting breads that they have included. One can find these sold in local bakeries in the province but Chef June and his team leveled it up: cheesy ensaymada with various filling like ube and salted egg, spanish bread with Cebu chorizo, cheesy bahugbahug (bread pudding), tocino mamon, humba pie (based from the ordinary pig pie) and many more. It’s still local with a unique taste.

savoy hotel mactan
Bahala na! Crunchy lechon kawali
savoy hotel mactan
Lumpia, siomai and more…
savoy mactan breakfast
Dried dilis for the win! Pair it with vinegar and you will be smiling silly!
savoy mactan breakfast
Tapa with lots of garlic
savoy hotel mactan
Who will refuse these dried squid?
savoy hotel mactan
Fish balls, and street food
savoy mactan breakfast
Perhaps one of the things that you should not miss at a Savoy Mactan breakfast are these cheesy ensaymada with various fillings. I especially loved the one with red egg.
savoy hotel mactan
Darn! This! Boneless lechon belly with really crispy skin and flavor the Cebuano way. (by Gleydon’s Lechon Belly during the food launch)

Photos taken during the media launch of Savoy Hotel Mactan’s #BreakfastForHeroes and #BatallaOfMactan food event.

Savoy Hotel Mactan
The Mactan Newtown, Newtown 
Blvd Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu
Manila (02) 720 1886
Cebu (032) 494 4000