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Top five cities to visit in Australia

Australia is one of the most popular destinations for travelers around the world because of its great climate, interesting food, impressive modern and old architecture and stunning natural wonders. Its cities have their own charm and beauty, offering a cosmopolitan and modern lifestyle at par with major urban centers around the world. Here are five major cities that visitors should check out.


Located at the southeastern end of the continent, Melbourne is the happening capital city of Victoria. Known for its vibrant art scene, with a high concentration of sanctioned street art, lots of art and culture festivals and is the center of the Australian film industry. It’s a UNESCO City of Literature and has its share of Australia’s best art deco structures.


The largest city in Australia and the capital of New South Wales located at the eastern portion, Sydney is that iconic Australian city that you think of when the country is mentioned. Its famous for the Sydney Opera House, a stunning piece of architecture and destination. It has several museums, music and theater venues as well as wide open parks and spaces for recreation.


The capital of Australia, Canberra has many interesting and well-known national monuments and institutions associated with being the center of government. There’s the National Archives, the National Library as well as the National Museum, to mention a few. Although landlocked, it has an interesting night scene, a lively schedule of festivals and a thriving sports and media industry.


Pretty much at the other side of the country, Perth is the most thriving city in the western part of Australia. It’s great subtropical climate with many warm sunny days all year round. There are several great beaches to cool off during summer, as well as several national parks, festivals and market days, Perth is a great holiday destination. Compared to the major eastern cities, life here is laid back.


The third largest city in Australia and the capital of Queensland, it’s a vibrant and thriving city at the eastern side. For art lovers, there’s the Gallery of Modern Art, one of the best in the country and has interesting exhibits all year round. The city is also known for its thriving music scene with several bars and music clubs than there is anywhere in the world. And, best of all, a colorful food scene. Eat Street Markets in Hamilton, countless craft breweries and quirky cafes and restaurants make Brisbane an exciting foodie destination.

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  1. These five cities are the gem of Australia. Whenever you go to Australia without visiting these cities your trip would not be complete. Thanks for sharing such an incredible blog.

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