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Top Chicken dishes from Sri Lanka, Brazil and more

Chicken curry at Dhalsim curry, waseda by Nakashi (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Travelling is always a joy. But you shouldn’t need to go halfway around the world to mix it up at meal times. After all, you can bring the taste of the world right into your own home with the right recipes. In this list, we’ll be picking some of the best exotic chicken dishes for you to try, even if you’re staying home. This list pulls from everywhere from Latin America to Sri Lanka, as we’ve picked out the absolute best of what you should be trying out in your own home. 

1. Brazilian Chicken Croquettes

You certainly won’t find these delicacies in a regular chicken shop. This Brazilian dish consists of chicken stuffed into dough balls and fried too golden perfection. This dish is definitely one to try if you are looking to indulge yourself. You might be in luck with this dish as well as some services like Deliveroo, have sourced restaurants where it’s available. If you’re a fan of home cooking, however, there’s a number of websites with recipes readily available.

2. Enchiladas Verdes

Enchiladas are a rather common and a popular part of Mexican cuisine, but these ones are something special. Enchiladas verdes – also known as enchiladas Suizas or Swiss enchiladas, these ‘green chicken’ enchiladas use a filling made up of paprika and cream cheese. This is a perfect recipe to try out at home and you can find numerous websites with their own takes on the recipe.

3. Sri Lankan Chicken Curry 

Sri Lankan cuisine often shares many similarities with the south Indian cuisine – unsurprising, as the island nation is just south of India. However, Sri Lankan curry has its own unique flavor; its use of  Tamarind as the main ingredient gives the curry a rather unique sweetness an tanginess. You may be tempted to take a shortcut because of the wide number of ingredients in this recipe but you should try to adhere as closely as possible to the original directions for maximum flavor. You can find the recipe here.

4.Cozido à Portuguesa

This dish hails from Portugal and is often translated as Portuguese boiled dinner. This meal is a type of cozido- a traditional Portuguese stew. It’s prepared with a multitude of ingredients, including a wide variety of vegetables and meats. Cozido a Portuguesa is considered one of the national dishes of Portugal and due to its popularity, there are many regional variations in the recipe. And yes, every region will tell you their variation is the best. This recipe brings the country’s classic culture to your home and is great for an adventurous night in.

Cozido a Portuguesa Source: Pexels

In this list, we’ve tried to capture some of the absolute best international chicken recipes out there. However, with a world of opportunity, we will always be missing something. Did you agree with this list? Are there any recipes you think we missed off? Will you be trying any of these recipes at home? Let us know in the comments.