Philippine street food at Manila Hotel’s Sundeck

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Philippine street food at a five star setting while watching the famous Manila Bay sunset? Of course, only at the historic Manila Hotel!

Manila Hotel’s Sundeck offers an irresistible Bar Bites buffet of Philippine street food. It’s the same familiar street food that we enjoyed over the years but what makes these different from the usual ambulant push cart vendor is that it’s reimagined in a more upscale setting and especially made from premium ingredients. I just love the texture and flavor of the fish ball and the kikiam which have real meat bits. It’s filling and with the three different kinds of dips, satisfying.

Ukoy or vegetable and shrimp fritter is crisp and not too oily, compared to the usual. The sariwang lumpia is flavorful too. There’s the banana cue and kwek kwek, silken soft tofu swimming in sweet arnibal with luscious sago pearls. The Laguna kesong puti wrapped in thin sheets and deep fried is another favorite which is crunchy and delicious.

But it’s one of the dips of the fried halo-halo that really piqued my curiosity: chocolate chili dip. Sweet, smooth and chocolatey followed by that kick as it goes down your throat. It’s a different kind of experience that heightens the flavor of the dessert, adding an interesting dimension as you consume it bite after bite.


Drinks are available but are priced separately from the buffet street food. The usual offers can be had but with an addition: the ice scramble and the sago’t gulaman. Ah, ice scramble, or as we call it during my elementary years several decades ago, escrambol or scrambol. It’s the same consistency and the same familiar childhood drink with added marshmallows.

But talking about drinks, you should try the Manila Hotel daiquiri. It’s the Sundeck’s signature drink and especially made from coconut vodka, or more locally known as lambanog, a South Luzon spirit that can be potent. And what’s interesting about this? It’s distilled seven times! It’s light and refreshing and perfect as a sundown cooler.

Manila Hotel's Bar Bites Philippine street food
Fish balls with different dips
Manila Hotel's Bar Bites Philippine street food
Ukoy (vegetable and shrimp fritters)
Manila Hotel's Bar Bites Philippine street food
Taho (fresh soft tofu with tapioca pearls and brown sugar syrup)
Manila Hotel's Bar Bites Philippine street food
Clockwise from right: banana cue (caramelized plantains), Manila Hotel daiquiri and sago’t gulaman, and pork & chicken barbecue
Manila Hotel's Bar Bites Philippine street food
Clockwise from top right: ice scramble, kikiam (fried meatloaf dumpling with dips), piniritong kesong puti (deep fried Laguna cheese rolls), and sariwang lumpia (fresh vegetable roll)
Manila Hotel's Bar Bites Philippine street food
Kwek kwek (quail egg tempura) with three different dips
Manila Hotel's Bar Bites Philippine street food
Clockwise from top right: deep fried halo-halo, view of the Sundeck at dusk, another view of the Sundeck, and empanadang Ilocano

Manila Hotel’s Bar Bites at the Sundeck offers a buffet of Philippine street food in a luxury five star setting at P395++/person while you watch the famous Manila Bay sunset. Drinks can be ordered separately. Thanx to the Manila Hotel for the invite.

Philippine street food at the Manila Hotel
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Bar Bites at the Sundeck
Manila Hotel
One Rizal Park, Manila
0913 Metro Manila
+63 2 527 0011

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