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The best destinations for fans of wine tourism

Traveling has a lot of purposes. We discover our planet deeply, challenge ourselves, met new interesting people and their culture. By the way, speaking about culture: there are strange and controversial phenomena that considered the essential part of it. We are talking about alcohol. It is curious, but the attitude to the strong drinks consumption demonstrate numerous of cultural peculiarities.

Whether we like it or not, discovering the variety of worlds alcoholic beverages is a perfect way to know a country better. We won’t mention cheap and surrogate booze under no circumstances. Today we will discuss wine, which is one of the most noble, delicate, and ancient drinks on the planet. Let’s start our journey with Jump 4 Love experts!

Why wine?

At first sight, this fermented grape juice seems ordinary and unremarkable. However, many centuries ago this discovery was a huge breakthrough. People liked this unusual and surprisingly delicious drink, so its production has spread rapidly.

Wine is widely available all over the world. Due to the different climate and types of soil on which the grapes are grown, the beverages has a variety of taste features. Moreover, the whole producing process is extremely entertaining intriguing. That’s why the wine-lovers all over the globe aspire to try different sorts and see the production with their own eyes. According to that, tasting wine in the region of its origin is popular nowadays.

Wine tours offer the most sophisticated travelers trying as much drinks as it possible and meet the local wine culture closely. They include excursions to world-famous wineries, where we can see the vineyards and cellars, taste the drinks right from the barrel and purchase a few bottles for home collection. Some vineyards also offer a traditional dinner, which is perfectly combines with beverages.

Where to go and what to try?

Despite the glory of the European vineyards, wine productions are located all over the world. We predict you will be much surprised when reading our list of the best destinations for wine tourism. Let’s go!

Germany. The Germans brew a perfect bear and cook incredible sausage. However, the countries south-west region is a local wine center. Truly, the best Riesling in the world grows here, so don’t forget to taste the different sorts of white wine here.

South Africa. Stellenbosch is the biggest wine center in the RSA. The most luxurious and delicate wines are produced just beneath the Helshoogte mountain pass. Delaire Graff Estate is the most famous vineyard in this region.

India. Unbelievable but true: India is also one of the most incredible places where you can discover new flavors. The biggest Indian producer Sula is located in the city Nashik on the north-west. The local Shiraz and Merlot are what you definitely need trying.

France. This list would not be completed without mentioning the French wines. Alsace, Burgundy, Champagne, Provence, and Bordeaux are the word leaders of wine production. Moreover, the museum La Cité du Vin was founded in 2016 in Bordeaux. This is a ten-story complex where you can discover the whole history winemaking as well as taste literally each of the most famous sorts.

California, USA. The picturesque valley of Santa Ynez River became extremely popular among wine-lovers after the movie ‘Sideways’ was released in 2004. This is an American capital of vineyards, where you can enjoy perfect local Pinot noir.

Hungary. The Hungarians are very hospitable and party-loving nation. We recommend you visiting Eger, Szekszárd and Balatonboglár to feel a unique Eastern European charm and taste the remarkable drinks in cozy atmosphere of small family vineyards.

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