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Ribpublic Diner, cheap but delicious slab of ribs in Cebu

Ribpublic Diner
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Ribs. I love it. Some can be expensive while others are cheaper but the quality is not that good. Ribs in Cebu, Casa Verde’s Brian’s Ribs is quite popular and cheap. There’s also Pillow’s Hotel’s ribs which is also good and at the same price point which is just around P200+. And last night, while looking for dinner, finally ate at RibPublic Diner.

Located just a few meter from Pillows Hotel, along Gov. Roa Street and just a few minutes walk to Fuente Osmena, this open air diner for ribs in Cebu is ubiquitous, with its interior design standing out from the rather drab street and during night time, is well lit. I’ve been passing this street many times and have seen this before, the waitress told me they have been there for three years already, but it was the first time that me and my friend, RJ, ate here.

Although they do have other dishes, it’s the ribs that is a must here and available in two versions: spicy and non spicy ribs which weighs 400 grams at just P198 and already includes a small serving of rice and buttered corn kernels. It was bigger than I expected. The meat is tender and the taste is good. The sauce on the meat is just enough, there is a separate serving too included in the order. Although Brian’s ribs is still the best and bigger, RibPublic Diner’s ribs in Cebu is still a good, slightly cheaper alternative if you’re in the area or at SM City Cebu where they have a branch. The Gov. Roa branch is rather small with around five tables. I haven’t seen yet the SM branch near the bowling area.

RibPublic Diner
Interior of the small, open air restaurant

RibPublic Diner
Gov. Roa St. (near Fuente Osmena and few meters from Pillows Hotel)
Cebu City
+63 32 263 1560
1100H-1400H, 1700-2200H
Delivery via Food Panda

SM City Cebu (new branch)

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