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Cafe Marco Cebu whips up refreshing vegetarian dishes

Cafe Marco vegetarian dishes
Quinoa kichadi is edible seeds in a curry and coconut sauce with tomatoes, capsicum and coriander served with roti bread

Not many people find vegetarian food options interesting. But I do, although I’m not vegetarian myself. When it comes to this kind of food, it’s not always about salads and dressings, raw vegetables with dips or faux meat but all about colors, textures and, of course, taste.

It was thus a good opportunity when I got invited by Yumny at Cafe Marco for some vegetarian dishes that I have to say yes. I know I am in for a treat. I can still remember the vegetarian pizza I had at the hotel’s El Viento. It was refreshing and delicious.

The vegetarian antipasto arrived, glistening with olive oil and quite colorful in different shades of green with red, orange, yellows and more. Mostly marinated vegetables, it was a visual treat and a wide spread of taste that makes the dish interesting.

The green mango dhal is something new to me. The flavors are actually strong with the sourness of the green mango, the spiciness of the curry with coconut cream, the added coriander… wow, as in it’s mind blowing. I had to sit back and process the flavors after my first bite.

I actually like the quinoa kichadi. It’s a typical east Indian comfort food but the traditional dish has basmati rice and has a lot more herbs and spices. This is a much simpler dish that is pleasing to the palate and with a tempered spiciness.

Nasi goreng! Even if you prepare one that is traditional or vegetarian, this familiar and delicious Malay dish is always good. It’s a sating and flavorful meal in itself and this version is the best so far among those that we ordered for this lunch.

Although not a part of the menu, Yumny ordered the oregano shake. Intrigued, I also had one and when it was served, was quite fascinating. Oregano flavor but cool and semi sweet. At first, I think the taste was rather weird and it was still after some sip that, more or less, I got the flavor. The first sip might be intense in terms of sensory reactions as its a really different taste that you wouldn’t expect to be in a shake form. But eventually, I found it good and pleasing that in no time my glass got empty.

Cafe Marco vegetarian dishes
Mediterranean vegetarian antipasto a selection of sundried tomatoes, olives, artichokes, peppers and eggplant, marinated in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and herbs served with pizza bread
Cafe Marco vegetarian dishes
Green mango dhal is a stew of split beans with curry spices, green mangoes and coconut cream served with fresh coriander and rice
Cafe Marco vegetarian dishes
Vegetarian Nasi Goreng with shredded scrambled eggs, chili sambal and atchara served with papadums (lentil bread)
Cafe Marco vegetarian dishes
Oregano shake is a differently tasting but interesting concoction that at first can be confusing but later on addicting

Vegetarian Ala Carte
Cafe Marco
Marco Polo Plaza Cebu
Cebu +63 32 2531111 or Manila +63 2 8871263

The Vegetarian ala carte menu is also available in the other F&B outlets of Marco Polo Cebu as well as for room service. Check the rest of the menu dishes. Thanx to the hotel for the food tasting.

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  1. Is this the old Cebu Plaza Hotel up the hills, now renamed as Marco Polo Plaza Cebu?

  2. Raffy, yes. The grand old dame 🙂

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