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Discovering Costa Pacifica’s allure

After dinner lounging outdoors
After dinner lounging outdoors

Come to think of it that after the long drive to Baler, all you can think of is being fed, pampered and rejuvenated as you arrive in Costa Pacifica, the town’s only recommended four star rated resort that is facing Sabang Beach. But then, after spending a few days, you realize that that’s really not the whole point of staying in all those luxurious setting with interesting architecture.

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It’s all about the little things that becomes sort of a habit in those few days that you just miss once you’re back home. And it is only when you’ve left Costa Pacifica will you understand its allure.

Buko-lychee welcome drink becomes all meal drink
Buko-lychee welcome drink becomes all meal drink

Take for example those little glass jars they serve when you arrive. The buko-lychee juice as welcome drink becomes addicting. You realize from the first sip that, god, buko and lychee were made for each other. You then crave for it. During meal times, you ask if they serve it other than as a welcome amenity.

After tasting the shake version, you realize that the juice is still the best. When the waiter asks you during lunch or dinner what drink you want, you readily say without pause, buko-lychee juice. Or secretly wish that extra glass right across the table has no takers.

Baler suman with Nanay Pacing peanut butter
Baler suman with Nanay Pacing peanut butter

If buko and lychee makes good fellows, you also realize that peanut butter paired with suman works just fine. No need to dip in sugar or hot chocolate. It’s a novelty, for you at least, that you will swear and say: “When I get home, I will have suman with my peanut butter. But alas, as the days, weeks fly, your supply of Nanay Pacing’s peanut butter runs out and wish someone is going to Baler.

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Actually, beyond the suman and the buko-lychee drink, the food is actually good. Pinoy homestyle cooking goodness that you will surely crave. And I can’t forget the delicate crispiness of the binuklad na dilis dipped in the sourest cane vinegar. The ubiquituousness of pako, baby fern leaves that is not only added to salad but a host of other dishes as well. The garlicky Baler longganisa, the way the pizza crust breaks as you sink your teeth into it. Or the velvety texture of the skin and ligaments of the kare-kare slowly melting in your mouth…

Really comfortable and cozy bed

Believe it or not, if I had my way, I would have just spent my non eating time within the confines of the suite. I’m a homebody but lying on that ultra comfortable and cozy bed with those soft pillows and airconditioning especially that it was quite humid outside would just be welcome, especially that I travel extensively and I just get to rest from time to time. That spacious suite with those to lust for amenities would definitely be a great escape to do nothing. And rest. And do nothing.

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Night swimming at the resort pool
Night swimming at the resort pool

Just before one retires, or just after dinner, lounging out at the pool. Ah, the pool. If you missed bathing at sea, you can always dip at the pool. Or people watching in late afternoon along the boardwalk with the refreshing sea breeze.

Learning to surf via Charlie Does Surf school
Learning to surf via Charlie Does Surf school

For those going to Baler to learn to surf, probably, you’ve met those guys with impossibly sculpted abs at Charlie Does Surfing School. They’re fun, helpful and will surely make you want to learn how to better surf. Or just join them in their conversations that will surely bring you to bouts of laughter.

But there are still many small things that I miss about Costa Pacifica. When the day or evening is humid, you just have to stay at the lobby entry, just sit near the galleons and you will be refreshed by the breeze. Early morning, when the sun is still a few degrees above the horizon, you can see the rugged terrain northwards with mist rising. Or how those glass globules hanging from the ceiling, really interesting to look at, sway to the slightest breeze. Small things. But things that make the place memorable.

Costa Pacifica
080 Buton St., Sitio Labasin
Sabang Beach, Baler
Aurora, Philippines, 3200
+632 519 4249 +63 917 844 8371


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