In any kind of travel, food comes as a major factor and come on when visiting a place. At Costa Pacifica in Baler, this is exactly true. We were there for a total of two nights and all dining, from breakfast, lunch to dinner was at the resort’s restaurant, Beach House. Here’s a rundown of the dishes and a drink that I really love. READ MORE: Discovering Costa Pacifica’s allure Note though that Beach House menu is Filipino comfort food with international and well known…Continue Reading “Dining at the Beach House, 9 dishes that I love”

Come to think of it that after the long drive to Baler, all you can think of is being fed, pampered and rejuvenated as you arrive in Costa Pacifica, the town’s only recommended four star rated resort that is facing Sabang Beach. But then, after spending a few days, you realize that that’s really not the whole point of staying in all those luxurious setting with interesting architecture. READ MORE: Costa Pacifica: A refreshing getaway in Aurora It’s all about the little things that becomes…Continue Reading “Discovering Costa Pacifica’s allure”

I looked forward to my trip in Baler in Aurora as it was not just a revisit, after 15 long years! But I was sure that we will definitely head to Maria Aurora for that giant balete (banyan) tree that is purported to be 600 years old. I’m not sure if it really is of that age, unless someone can show me some studies. Yes, I’ve seen the photos online and it really looked scary with all those root system, the hollow interior and its…Continue Reading “A giant but no longer creepy balete tree in Aurora”

Yes, I love the modern and minimalist suites of Costa Pacifica in Baler. It’s a well designed private space with a great color palette that is welcoming and refreshing. Unlike cheap hotels that give you stuffy rooms, the Junior Premier Suite that we stayed at was quite spacious, at 40 square meters. It’s not only in terms of floor area but it has a high ceiling as well, at least for the top floor where we were, that add to its appeal. READ MORE: Costa…Continue Reading “Cozy room that you’ll love at this Baler resort”

The sound of women chatting from the small structure selling food and trinkets got my attention as we were exploring the century old balete tree (banyan tree, Ficus sp.) which is a popular tourist spot in Maria Aurora in the province of Aurora. But to my surprise and delight, these women were preparing a native delicacy, suman, rice cakes wrapped longitudinally with steamed young coconut leaves. Suman is an ubiquitous native delicacy that is found in almost all provinces in the Philippines, and perhaps, in…Continue Reading “How suman de balete is prepared”