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At 8, Langyaw looks ahead

Paddling through the crystal clear waters of a lagoon in Sta Cruz Zambaonga City

So many things are happening right now that I almost forgot, last Friday, this travel blog turned 8 years old! Yes, its that long. Amidst the heavy rain in Cebu, and despite the raging fever and chills, I hauled myself to the airport and took my flight to Surigao City. And instead of heading to Siargao Island, I instead spent the past days holed up in a bed and breakfast, recovering.

8 years is quite long for blogging. And its no mean feat especially that I travel extensively for work and leisure that backlogs easily pile up. And because of my work now that I’m setting and accomplishing goals, there is a need to strategize.

The current state of blogging is also different, compared almost a decade ago with many in it for the freebies. Or relying on sponsorships to be able to post. Well, nothing wrong with it but I see that there’s more to that than just indulging on these freebies.

Thus the need to go beyond what I am doing now. A friend suggested that I open up this blog to contributors. Which I agree of doing soon. It’s just sometimes scary but there is a need so that I can do more things of value. I’m also currently experimenting with some ideas that might be useful in the months to come. Because I’m now targeting international travel also, there might be some changes along the way although nothing is definite yet.

For now, hoping for a good wave of changes ahead.

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