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Where to get butterbeer in Cebu

Marco Polo Cebu Plaza Hotel's butterbeer
Marco Polo Cebu Plaza Hotel’s butterbeer

Butterbeer. If you’ve been following the Harry Potter series, either in movies or in books, it’s a popular drink that the main protagonists enjoy. In Cebu, Marco Polo Cebu Plaza hotel is the only place where you can try their version of the drink. I like its thick, caramel flavor although it’s something new, but interesting taste with a slight kick. Their base is Sweppes’s soda water. Some may find it too sweet.

As of now, you can only get it through their room promo at a special rate where they offer two mugs of butterbeer with inhouse potato chips and three kinds of dips. But there are plans to offer this by May 16 at P165 per mug.

Check them out for updates.

Marco Polo Plaza Cebu
Cebu +63 32 2531111 or Manila +63 2 8871263

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  1. Interesting…really interesting. Ifirst saw Butterbeer in the Harry Potter series. I guess I should try one when I go to Cebu.

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