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I have to admit that travel blogging can be tiring and draining sometimes. But I always make it a point to update, as much as daily, or almost everyday. It can be a challenge: editing photos, writing, promoting the post to various social networks… that it almost seem to be a thankless job. Writing, posting, day in and day out. Then you get this comment:

Comment from the owner of the Alcoves
Comment from the owner of the Alcoves

Hey Estan! Thanx for the travel feature. We have had a number of guests say that they looked us up coz of your awesome pics and kind word 🙂

Isn’t that awesome? Really such a nice feedback that comes far and between! Just made my day and reason enough to keep on writing, posting and traveling. Thanx Rafael! Happy to have helped you. You’ve really got a nice place that I really loved very much too!

My post on the Alcoves
My post on the Alcoves. Click on the photo to go to the blogpost.

If you’re curious what it is all about, The Alcoves is a serviced apartment that I’ve tried. And really a great place to stay while in Makati. Check it out by clicking on the photo link above. Or this:

Looking for a place to stay in Makati? 5 reasons to check out The Alcoves

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