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Zamboanga City at twilight is surreal

Swifts congregating at downtown Zamboanga City's electrical wires
Swifts congregating at downtown Zamboanga City’s electrical wires

The sun has already settled below the horizon when the soft light of dusk, bluish to be exact, is at its throes as night is starting to sweep in. I just came from a barbershop in downtown Zamboanga City, having my hair shorn like sheep’s and was trying to find a ride back to the hotel. There were a few tricycles passing the soon to be silent streets at such an early hour.

I crossed the street, walked a few meters, gazed up and in a scene almost like Hitchcock’s, a flock of swifts were settling in for the night, perching on the many electrical wires that crisscross above. It was a raucous, with their high pitched tweets competing with the occasional vroom of motors.

But at the same time, it was a surreal. Like a dream. And glad that these weren’t crows.

3 thoughts on “Zamboanga City at twilight is surreal”

  1. MJune

    These are migratory barn swallows who have not left the city anymore and pacific swallows. This phenomena started in the early 2000. The Zamboangueños have learned to live with them.

  2. Dods Toevsky

    signs of environment decay.

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