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Fliptrip loves local! With this blog post on, I am opening this space to promote local startups in the travel industry. These companies are led by energetic young Filipinos who combine technology with their love for travel, partnering with local businesses and a genuine concern to help the communities they are in.

I believe in what they do and what they represent, which I think is the future of responsible travel in our country. I personally invited these startups to write and introduce themselves and I hope you will consider them in your future trips. Learn more about below.

As Filipinos, we are doing our part to make a change, and to bring the beauty of the Philippines to the world, and the world to the Philippines.

April Cuenca (CEO/Co-Founder/Head Explorer, FlipTrip)

Who doesn’t love a great adventure in the Philippines?

Welcome FlipTrip, brainchild of Filipina traveler, April Cuenca. A true adventurer at heart, she has been passionate about tourism for as long as she could remember. April envisioned FlipTrip, a travel platform that connects locals in destinations where you can experience unique and amazing adventures.

FlipTrip links travellers to experts in local communities; allowing you to discover off the beaten path destinations and find your accommodation, transportation and adventures all on one platform. Its mission is to address the lack of ease and accessibility in trip planning and booking, thus improving the Philippine travel experience for every explorer and adventurer.

The heart of FlipTrip lies in our local partners, small independent businesses who are our purveyors of travel and tourism. With a special focus on remote but beautiful destinations, the team behind the startup goes on the ground to connect with the local experts committed to providing you a truly Filipino experience. They aim to help small businesses in local communities grow by stimulating economic development through tourism, providing locals opportunities to build better infrastructure and facilities within their destinations.


Build your adventure from start to finish. With FlipTrip:

Discover New Destinations

Experience a Philippines like never before. Explore unique destinations and local hideaways. Browse through to discover something new or you can narrow your search if you know where you want to go.

Travel Plan With Ease

Pick what you want and need and view instant quotes to plan according to your budget. Browse through and select the acitivity/tours, transportation and accommodation options that suit your needs best.

Book Directly Online

Build your own unique itinerary and book instantly. Coordinate with friends for easy travel planning.

They’ve made travel simple. FlipTrip believes that whatever your idea of paradise may be, they bring you one step closer. With 6 destinations open for exploration (Manila, Tarlac, Aurora, Pangasinan and Zambales) and more to come, discover the Philippines today.

Book your next great Philippine adventure today with!

With FlipTrip, travel your way.


FlipTrip is a simplified travel planning and booking platform for off the beaten path destinations. They were awarded as among the 10 winning tech startups of the IdeaSpace 2014 Competition; handpicked by Manny V. Pangilinan and his Board of Directors from First Pacific Co. Ltd.

Since its launch, FlipTrip and its founders have gone on to represent Philippine travel and tourism throughout differing speaking and interview engagements in Manila, New York, Bangkok and throughout the Philippines.

FlipTrip CEO, co-founder and Head Explorer, April Cuenca’s travels have taken her to 51 of the 81 provinces of the Philippines and she is on a personal mission to complete the remaining 30 before the end of 2015.

Follow her journey: #MissionPH81.


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