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6 reasons to stay overnight in Corregidor

I’ve visited Corredigor Island four times already and I’ve done the day tour and the Old Manila Walks walking tour. But nothing prepared me for the night tour that you can only have when you stay overnight.

It’s the stories behind the ruins and tunnels, the animated and fun way the guides handle it as well as the different kind of vibe you experience that makes this one of the best I had! Do check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

The ruins of Corregidor’s hospital is storied and… creepy

1 Creepy hospital ruins night tour

The hospital ruins is said to be the creepiest of all places in Corregidor Island. Bombed by the Japanese, it’s now a concrete shell. A night tour is the best way to appreciate this place and the stories behind this and the supposed ghost sightings are enough to send your imagination in overdrive even till you sleep! You’ll also get to know about the Jabidah Massacre in 1968 and how that event continues to reverberate today. NOTE: The Jabidah Massacre is said to be a hoax cooked up by a Marcos enemy.

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Lateral tunnel and 1000-bed hospital tour inside the Malinta Tunnel
Lateral tunnel and 1000-bed hospital tour inside the Malinta Tunnel

2 Lateral tunnel and hospital tour inside the Malinta Tunnel

I have to admit, the Malinta Tunnel light and sound tour is, well, just okay. But man, once night kicks in and you trace the more exciting lateral tunnels… whew! One of the best tours! The lateral tunnels served as air ducts and vents for the main tunnels and during this tour, you get to see a more raw area than the main one.

You also get to see one of the air vents that Allied forces poured gasoline on set ablaze and sealed to suffocate the entrenched Japanese soldiers inside. Combined, there were 2,000+ Japanese killed, but more due to hara kiri.

The second part of the tour is another lateral tunnel at the other side of Malinta main tunnel which was converted into a 1000 bed hospital when the main structure was bombed. And other than the interesting stories? Get to experience total darkness inside these tunnels sans the devastating bombings.

Experiencing the Japanese tunnel
Experiencing the Japanese tunnel

3 Experiencing the Japanese tunnel

After the sunrise, trek a short distance into the forest as you pass a ruined building. A few meters from here, you’ll get to one of the Japanese tunnels in the island. Compared to the big Malinta tunnel that is high, well made and spacious, the Japanese tunnel is quite narrow, low at the entrance and you need to climb up a steel ladder to get to the opening at the other end. Just imagine that these were all dug by hand!

Sunset at the Battery Grubb with the La Monja islet
Sunset at the Battery Grubb with the La Monja islet in the foreground

4 Memorable sunset at Battery Grubbs

The sight of cone shaped La Monja Islet amidst a sea of burning sky and fiery reds as the sun dips into the horizon. One of the best sights to see while you’re at Battery Grubbs with all those massive canons. Just don’t mind people doing selfies and jumpshots. If you’re lucky and there’s a slight drizzle, a double rainbow may appear.

Corregidor sunrise at the tailside of the island
Corregidor sunrise at the tailside of the island

5 Glorious sunrise at the tailside

You wake up before five and wait for the shuttle service while still dark. And as you go to the grassy area where the Eternal Flame of Freedom sculpture is located, it can be a cool trip and wait for the sunrise. O glorious sunrise! Nevermind if you’re still sleepy, sunrises are always beautiful, like sunsets. At this early, you can also observe several eagles taking flight and hovering overhead.

Corregidor’s cozy and spacious cabanas

6 Stay at the cabanas

There’s nothing better than staying at the island’s cabanas. If I’m asked to chose where to spend the night, I would not hesitate sleeping here. Located at a quite area along Resort Beach, its peaceful and isolated. The hexagonal cabanas have spacious interiors, airconditioned, with hot and cold water as well as comfortable beds. In the morning, you can take a dip at the beach or do therapeutic stone balancing. Shuttle service is available between Corregidor Inn and this area every hour till 10 PM.

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