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I’m captivated with Mt. Isarog in the morning

Beautiful Mt. Isarog early in the morning
Beautiful Mt. Isarog early in the morning framed by coconuts in Panicuason, Naga City

There’s one thing that I always look forward to whenever I’m visiting Naga City: to see Mt. Isarog early in the morning, even if from a distance and be in awe of its beauty. There’s something magical in this mountain that I am just attracted to it, mesmerized and entranced as the sun starts to climb from behind.

Although it lacks the symmetry of Mt. Mayon, Mt. Isarog, like the former, is omnipresent. It’s silhouette looms over a large swathe of Camarines Sur and, especially Naga City. It’s the grand dame, bursting forth with life giving water from its various streams and waterfalls and if you’re in certain specific spots in Camsur, is one of five volcanoes that can be seen.

While the Naga City side shows a homogenous mountain, traveling to the other side, especially in the Partido area of San Jose, Caramoan, and adjacent municipalities will show you its true form as a volcano. The crater is apparent, opening at one side. And you’ll get to appreciate more Mt. Isarog and how it is a part of the people’s way of life in Camsur.

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