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Lovesick, love locks and a bridge in Paris

Padlocks at Pont des Arts
The metal wire fence of the love locks bridge Paris Pont des Arts full of padlocks that has been placed by tourists while on a romantic tour of the City of Lights.

I was standing at a small pedestrian bridge between the Institut of France with its regal facade and built in the 17th century and the Palais du Louvre when, in amazement, saw the thousands of locks put on the metal fence. And I just remembered, it was the famous love lock bridge Paris Pont des Arts!

It has been featured in countless movies, reality tv shows and films and it is one of several bridges in the City of Lights and some other European capitals wherein tourists have been putting on locks with their and their partner’s names written on it. After that locking ritual, the key is thrown into the River Seine. Read: yeah, we’re so much in love and this is testament to our commitment. Sort of.

But I was there and, unfortunately, memories of a heartbreak came rushing in. Whew! I was in Paris, love capital of the world. I was in the middle of the love lock bridge, Pont des Arts and I was alone and single. My eyes were starting to moist at the memory of that love that I thought was for good.

I distracted myself at looking in detail at the locks. Unknown names of couples, men and women, women and women… I photographed the metal fence heavily loaded with these padlocks. I gazed at the Pont Neuf, at the regal Institut du France. But it was of no use.

After a few minutes, I left with my heart weeping inside. It was a harsh memory. And I can’t help but feel it sweeping over me, engulfing me with sadness.

Padlocks at Pont des Arts
Padlocks big and small, couples names and keys thrown into the River Seine
Padlocks at Pont des Arts
The Pont des Arts with each side of the metal fence almost full of locks. At the center is the Institut de France
Padlocks at Pont des Arts
Left, bridge lamp and locks with a view of the Pont Neuf that connects the Ile de la Cite where the famous Notre Dame Church is located; Right, passersby and a good view of the Institut de France

4 thoughts on “Lovesick, love locks and a bridge in Paris”

  1. Jun Piong

    mamiss man pud nato ang nangaging panahon ani. hehe

  2. estancabigas

    Hahaha. Mao jud bai. miss miss kung may time pud :p

  3. I remember this place from the movie “Now you see Me” They say that the locks represent some hidden secret that you lock away. Nice!!!

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