It was five months since the the pandemic lockdown started that I just missed traveling so much. And out of the blue, wrote down some travel musings last 25 August, 2020. Here’s what I posted… Photo above taken at the Abu Dhabi airport as we were heading to the terminal for the connecting flight to Paris, 2013. The Americas I will travel to Canada to visit family. But before that, I will stop in South Korea for two weeks to avail of the no visa…Continue Reading “Travel musings from August 2020”

places to visit in paris

Paris is one of the top places to visit in the world. The City of Lights is not only a major European capital but it’s the global center for arts, fashion, culture and food. It’s also rich in history and architecture. With its size and the thousands of things to see and do, it can be difficult to decide for the first-time traveler. I’ve visited Paris once, and being a culture and history guy with a bent on architecture, I chose five top places to…Continue Reading “5 Top places to visit in Paris for first time travelers”

It was monumental. Grand. And I was awestruck at the spaciousness of the interior of the Dôme des Invalides. From the paintings of Charles de la Fosse at the underside of the dome, finished in 1705, to the ornate baldachin at the altar. So grand and spacious that visitors, including me were all dwarfed. But I wasn’t here to hear mass, the space, a former royal chapel built at the southern part of the Hospital des Invalides upon the orders of Louis XIV, was converted,…Continue Reading “Looking down on Napoleon Bonaparte at the Domes des Invalides”

I made a detour exploring Toulouse old city center with the short time I had in Southern France. I was unprepared with this Southeastern France trip. The original plan was after the opening of Photoquai 2013 in Paris, will go directly to Barcelona. There I will meet up with my friend, Eduard. He has studying and describing new beetle species that I’ve sent to him over the years. But for reasons that I can no longer recall, I booked a high speed train from Paris…Continue Reading “Exploring Toulouse old city center”