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What I miss most at my Marco Polo Davao suite

My Marco Polo Davao room after a few minutes waking up.
My Marco Polo Davao room after a few minutes waking up.

It might have been the constant traveling, from point A to B, from the incessant bus and plane rides, the primal tug to travel, yes, there’s such a feeling, of constantly on the move, that at one point can become too tiring, too routine. When travel can just be an escape, nevermind if its an invite.

These past weeks of moving around have been both draining and, ironically, welcoming. Draining that I haven’t stayed put for long in our home in Cebu and within a day or two, move again for another place. Welcoming, in a way that the airconditioned rooms are an escape from the Philippine summer heat.

But there are just times during one’s sojourns that one can’t help but enjoy at the priviledge of being there. For the past few weeks of going around the Visayas and Mindanao, my brief stay in Davao City was quite memorable. Everytime we head out for some visits either a restaurant or a tourism spot, I always look forward later to being inside my room at the Marco Polo Davao hotel.

The Premier City View room as it is when I first entered it
The Premier City View room as it is when I first entered it

I’m a simple person. I like simplicity and quite moments but won’t refuse a few luxuries once in a while. Marco Polo Davao’s Premier City View Suites, at the newly refurbished floors, are a welcome respite from all these traveling. At the end of the day, I repose back to a comfortable room, cool and relaxing with its earth toned colors, minimalist style but homey.

Open the curtains and you have a floor to ceiling view of the city. Early morning, you see the Ateneo de Davao building and the old Aldevinco shopping center. As you look farther back, Davao gulf with a great view of Samal Island with tiny ships plying the waters between these two land masses. Come dusk, the waning fiery reds and oranges, as well as the invading blue light paint the sky as the citylights starts to spread out as darkness completely envelopes.

You witness the diurnal to nocturnal changes as you sit comfortably at the chair near the lamp at the left. or just stand against the window wearing nothing but boxers and enjoying the view. Give it a few days and you become used to it and just wish that it is your home. Comforts. Great views. Cool room.

But what I miss most? It was cuddling with that special person. Skin to skin. Under the sheets. Or just embracing together while looking out the window at the starry like citylights. And you press hands and bodies and feel the warmth, the peace and inner joy. Silently.

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This trip made possible by Marco Polo Davao during a fam tour in that southern city. Like their Facebook page and follow them in Twitter.

3 thoughts on “What I miss most at my Marco Polo Davao suite”

  1. Sir Estan. Natuwa naman ako dun sa sentimental na part ng article. ung “…But What I miss the most?” =) Kakakilig. Hahaha =) Peace lang. I always like reading your posts. More power! Balik-balik!

  2. estancabigas

    Glad you like it Micole 🙂

  3. Narda Merin

    Yea, I also miss staying at Marco Hotel. The hotel is one of the most of extravagant hotel that I stayed when I was in Davao and even though it is was just a short stay, but I will never forget the time I spend in the hotel. I wish I could go back there and stay longer than I needed!

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