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Hong Kong’s best comfort food

The pineapple bun with a slice of butter
The pineapple bun with a slice of butter

Its ubiquitous in Hong Kong’s bakeries, cafes and bread shops. It has a thick, crusty and sweet topping made from flour, eggs and sugar. But the so called pineapple bun, boh loh baau in the vernacular, doesn’t have any pineapples in it. It’s the golden, checkered crust that gives it its name.

But what makes this a comfort food? Hot off the oven, it is usually served with a slice of, oh, so delicious butter that just melts in the hot bun. Something that you just have to savor with all that creamy buttery goodness. Fatty and cholesterol laden? Who cares! I had it many times when I last visited Hong Kong. Prices range from HK$3.50 – HK$6, depending on the location.

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