Combento Cave Pool in my mind

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The clear and cool waters inside Combento Cave
The clear and cool waters inside Combento Cave

The day’s are becoming more hot and humid that I can’t help but remember my days in Anda, Bohol: languid, breezy, and dipping into some cave pool. Ah, the cave pool of Anda. There are several but I really like Combento Cave the most. I can almost feel the cold waters enveloping my body while the sun is shining and blazing outside.

I can still vividly remember the clarity of the water where, even at around 6ft below, you can still see the white rocks. Or how you will just feel the serenity of life here in the bucolic landscape of Anda. Inside Combento Cave Pool, you just swim, or lie on the rocks. Or gaze up the rough cavern. Or look at its mouth where the illumination comes.

I can linger here longer. I can just swim and enjoy with less people bothering. I can be at peace here.

My great thanx to Mayor Angelina Simacio for hosting me in Anda, Bohol and to Kathy Pitlo for guiding me around the municipality.

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5 thoughts on “Combento Cave Pool in my mind

  1. Micole l Philippine Traveler says:

    Hello Sir estan! This is the perfect reminder that it really is summer indeed! Ang init nga naman talaga and a dip in a clear, crisp waters like this is quite the answer to everyone’s need to cool. I remember Enchanted river with this in Mindanao. clear as the blue sky with a tinge of mystery.

    Good luck and more travels!

  2. estancabigas says:

    Yup, same as enchanted river but that one is just open 🙂

  3. maybe it’s time i try exploring caves also. this is the 2nd time i’ve read a post about one today. and your photo does show its clear waters.

  4. That cave looks awesome, must visit it some time. Reminds me of the underwater cave thing at Crystal cove, borracay but this one is so much better.

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