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Should you try Cebu Pacific’s onboard eats?

Chicken and peach in Focaccia
The savory sandwich

I’ve always considered Cebu Pacific Air’s onboard eats as expensive because it is, just like most airline food. But I’ve always been curious, beyond the cup noodles and biscuits, are their savory sandwiches and filled bread buns worth the expense? I wanted to find out.

Cebu Pacific Air’s menu is easily accessible via the Smile Magazine that is mostly present at the seat pocket. There, you can already check what are the food on offer with corresponding prices. For this review, I focused on the chicken and peach in focaccia sandwich for P100.

The sandwich comes in a clear plastic triangle case covered in cling wrap with a Manila Catering label. The snack is made from strips of chicken adobo, thin slices of peaches, and a thin spread of mayo on garlic focaccia. Once opened, the familiar smell of herbs that greets you.

It’s savory and I like this snack: the hint of garlic in the soft focaccia, the adobo taste of the chicken coupled with the sweetness of the peaches come together for a flavorful experience. But taste isn’t everything. Is this value for money? How about the presentation? If we have to rate this from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest:

Value for money: 7
P100 ($2.40) for a small, diagonal half of a 4×4 inch focaccia bread isa litte bit expensive. Better if they have given the whole sandwich.

Taste: 8
I love this snack because of the taste but if they made the filling extend to the edge of the sandwich, much better.

Presentation: 8
Other than the triangular plastic case, it was sealed at one end with a sticker. A cling wrap completes the whole package which seals the sandwich completely. I think, in this way, the product is fresher.

Variety in menu: 10
I really like the variety in the menu. If you’re not into savory snacks, there’s always the warm cup noodles with soup to warm the belly. Or something sweet like those sugared biscuits and ensaymada. There’s also hot chocolate and brewed coffee or if you’re up to it, slightly alcoholic drinks and a light beer. All in all, you have 17 kinds of eats and 15 kinds of drinks.

The chicken and peach in focaccia sandwich is, if price is not a problem, a good snack. But for those who have bigger appetites, one may just be short of sating you. With its plastic casing and cling wrap sealing, you’re assured of a fresher product. Other than this, the airline has also its ham and cheese croissant, one of the popular items, a sausage wrap and those filled buns.

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  1. about “giving the whole sandwich” opinion, you may be right. i recall watching this depression period Hollywood movie where the lead character decides to cut into half their sandwiches to serve more borders that they’re taking in at home so they can feed more with less the cost.

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