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A cheap and comfortable stay in Alor Setar

Comfortable single bed

I stayed at a beautiful, well designed and minimalistic hotel in Alor Setar. For a single room? Its just RM50 with free fast wifi and breakfast. Good value for money.

When I stepped out of Alor Setar’s (in Kedah State) Terminal Bas Shahab Perdana, I already saw several buildings surrounding the terminal with different types of motels and hotels. But I was deadset on having a comfortable bed with free wifi and breakfast.

Comfort room with rainshower heads
While in transit to this northern city, I was communicating with The Leverage Business Hotel via email [of course, I was scammed into buying an expensive SIM (RM25 instead of RM8), and then subscribed to 1 day mobile internet] and finally settled for The Leverage Business Hotel in Mergong. For RM50, I get a single bed.

I like the hotel’s look. From the research I did on Alor Setar’s hotels, the Leverage in Mergong (it has another branch in the city) was just beautiful. Dark facade with multicolored windows, a contemporary architecture. Beside the lobby are a few restaurants and shops.

Inside, it has a minimalistic feel to it. The lobby is unassuming except for interesting chair design and a wide lit panel behind the counters. The hall is a bit dark but tastefully designed and lighted. Once you do get inside the room, its a different matter.

What I do like very much in a room is its clean, of course, minimalistic in design and bright. The bed is quite comfy and, while it is a single bed, the size is still enough for my frame. The interior calls to mind Go Hotels Dumaguete, but smaller. And the shower? Rainshower heads!

Wifi is strong and fast and breakfast, while minimal, is still sating. The morning I was there, fried rice, stir fried noodles, porridge, softboiled eggs and bread was available with the usual coffee, tea and juice.

The hotel from the outside. Beautiful contemporary design
The lobby of the Leverage
Wash area just near the door, comfort room then bed at the far end, no windows

The Leverage Mergong
12, Jalan Lengkok Sari,
Taman Bandar Baru Mergong
05150, Alor Setar, Kedah Darul Aman
T : 04 735 5555


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