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How I discovered Pilita Corrales in Cebu

The celebrated Cebuana singer, Pilita Corrales

I put on the headphones, searched for the song’s title, clicked PLAY. When I found it, I listened with anticipation and in a few seconds, I was brought to music heaven. Her voice was soulful, delicate yet evocative, as if she was singing especially for me. Matud nila, ako dili angay…

Pilita Corrales

Mestiza, mother of Jackie Lou Blanco and Monching Christopher, Cebuana and celebrated singer. For me, she was always the backbending songbird that I used to see on TV many years ago. But that night, during Cebu’s 2012 Gabii sa Kabilin (Night of Heritage), I just discovered THE Pilita Corrales.

It was one of the tasks that we had to do in the QR Code Hunt. This was a challenging yet fun activity done as one of the highlights of the heritage event. I had to sing a stanza of the famous Cebuano song Matud Nila (Ben Zubiri, 1941) for us to finish the challenge. And it was what brought me to this museum.

Listening station at the Halad Museum. It was where I discovered Pilita Corrales

I was quite impressed and in awe with visiting for the first time the Jose R. Gullas Halad Museum. A musically themed space, it pays homage to Cebu’s rich music heritage. It has modern amenities, beautiful lighting and there, discovered more of Cebu’s music. This made me realized that its an aspect of my being a Cebuano that I am missing and I really want to explore more.

Another Pilita Corrales album. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Gabie sa Kabilin

The Gabii sa Kabilin event last 25 May was inspired after Berlin’s Lange Nacht der Museen (Long Night of Museums) started in 1997. It’s an eye opener and a fitting introduction to Cebu’s rich heritage and culture. The sheer number of the participating spaces showcase not only Spanish and American colonial period structures but also songs, dances, food, art and history. An overwhelming and awesome smorgasbord!

Now on its 6th year, it was organized by the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. Every year, more and more heritage sites, museums, galleries and spaces have joined.

Roaming around the different heritage sites that night made me smile. It’s not only because of the many discoveries and experiences I had but seeing the number of visitors was heartwarming. Does this mean that, finally, the Cebuano is waking up and realizing that he has such a rich heritage and culture that we really are ought to be proud of?

There were many visitors to the Cathedral Museum of Cebu

I just hope that in succeeding celebrations of Gabii sa Kabilin, it will become bigger with more people joining. And have activities that will include something like a passport system similar to the Rizal 150 but encompasses province wide. In this way, its not only those repositories of cultures, our museums in the city are being visited but also local museums that needs great support.

…Ingna ko nga dili mo kawangon Damgo ko’g pasalig sa gugma mo.

I fell unto the awaiting arms of Pilita.

This entry won 1st Prize in the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. Gabii sa Kabilin Blogging Contest

8 thoughts on “How I discovered Pilita Corrales in Cebu”

  1. JRG museum really brings you back when I was a kid. Evocative songs that rekindle the past. The structure and the architecture is well designed.

  2. JRG Halad Museum

    Thanks for highlighting the JRG Halad Museum on this entry, Estan. We appreciate posts such as this so as to spread the word that indeed Cebuanos have a lot to be proud of. Didn’t get to see the Smart QR code hunt participants when they did their tasks at Halad, but this post will suffice for that lack. Come down for a visit again whenever you’re in Cebu.

    — Audrey Tomada

  3. estancabigas

    Thank You Audrey! Will definitely visit again 🙂


  4. Randy Napuli

    Congratulations for winning 1st prize in the 2012 Gabii sa Kabilin Blogging Contest…

    More power and God bless!

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  6. Dan

    Congratulations! Wow I love this blog, I really want to go to Cebu! Next time I visit I will make this one of the things I do! Btw, may I suggest you make a trip to Taal, Batangas Heritage Town and blog about it? 🙂 Your a great blogger. Check out: thanks!

  7. estancabigas

    Thnx dan

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