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Where I stayed in Antique and Iloilo

Centillion's spacious room at just P750

There’s more to the western part of Panay than Boracay. In fact, there are many interesting places in the provinces of Aklan, Antique and western Iloilo that just amazes without driving all the way to Caticlan. Ruins, churches, food and rowdy festivals are there waiting. Whenever I’m on the road, I still look for a comfortable place to stay but something that is not too expensive and not too cheap, lest it makes me room mates with rats and other vermin. But I don’t refuse good and descent but cheap rooms.

While I stayed for four nights in Kalibo, I only had one night each in San Jose, Antique and in Iloilo.

Centillion House
2nd Floor, CHVH Building
Bantayan, San Jose, Antique
(063) 927-219-8524 (Mobile)
(063) 927-219-8524

There are only a few accommodations in San Jose de Buenavista, the capital town of Antique province but I was told that most of the pension houses here have hotel like amenities. I chose Centillion House since it offered me P750, compared with another one which was P1,000 (but made a counter offer of P900 when I said that its expensive) including wifi.

The building is quite imposing with large letters emblazoned at its two entrances as it is in between two converging streets. Downstairs are a series of shops and stalls that includes some eateries. Rooms are located at the second floor.

The room given to me was quite spacious, in fact, there used to be two beds. However, the spaciousness can’t make up for the rather narrow bed which was just okay. Foam’s not too hard or not too soft. One pillow can’t give me a good sleep though.

This accommodation includes continental breakfast and by that, it’s usually just two slices of toasted bread, butter and jam with coffee and sugar sweet powdered juice. There is wifi but it’s P50 for one whole night.

Iloilo Midtown Hotel's cozy single room at P1,050

Iloilo Midtown Hotel
The Summer House
Yulo Street, Iloilo City, Philippines
(033) 336-6888 / 336-8888

Whenever I’m in Iloilo, I usually stay at the budget accommodations of Ong-bun Pension. It’s clean and spacious but quite popular with travelers that it easily gets full later in the day. As I arrived late afternoon in Iloilo and didn’t make any reservations, I was left to look for other accommodations.

Unsure, I just asked the taxi to take me to a descent one and the driver took me downtown, to Iloilo Midtown Hotel. I’m not really sure if this one is in any way an affiliate of the Midtown Hotels in Cebu or Manila but the rooms are okay.

For a single accommodation, I was given a double at a discounted rate of P1,050 which already includes breakfast. It’s cozy, the yellow room lights including the lamp makes the small space inviting. I really like the bed which is comfortable but the rectangular pillow, however, needs getting used to.

The hotel has both paid and free wifi, however, as I was at a corner room, the free signal was a bit erratic that I only relied on my mobile internet stick. As I vowed to do Dinagyang 2013, I already made reservations in this hotel, at the same room. Their towels are also good.

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7 thoughts on “Where I stayed in Antique and Iloilo”

  1. Nice. P750 is affordable nga. And it looks clean sa photo. I hope the bathroom’s as nice coz it’s always a package for me. Both the bedroom and the bath should be consistent.

  2. Marian

    That’s interesting! We’re planning to go in Iloilo and I found out, Go Hotels have at Iloilo. What do you? I found them affordable, check their website for some information. I’m looking forward for your advice.

  3. Marian

    Hello, have you tried Go Hotels Iloilo? We’re planning to booked there, what do you think?

  4. Marian, yes. Been to Dumaguete and Iloilo Go Hotels. All are the same lang.

  5. Grace

    Hi sir Estan, I am from Davao and I’m planning to stay for 1 week in San Jose Antique.. I would like to ask if you have a or mobile number of Centillion House?.. incorrect po kasi feedback sa phone ko everytime tinatawagan ko number nila sir.. thanks po..

  6. Grace, baka nagpalit na. I don’t have an updated number. Perhaps check mo na lang online.

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