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Antique’s heritage churches, chapels & ruins

There’s more to the western part of Panay than Boracay. In fact, there are many interesting places in the provinces of Aklan, Antique and western Iloilo that just amazes without driving all the way to Caticlan. Ruins, churches, food and rowdy festivals are there waiting. My second visit to the province of Antique was another hurried trip. Blame it on my schedule but for this second time, I was targeting specific sites related to heritage churches, chapels and ruins of which the province, have some interesting examples.

Four of the most important are listed below.

The Augustinian Order's symbol carved above the main portal

1 Anini-y Church
It is one of Antique’s tourism sites and the only intact heritage church located at the tailend of the province. This two level church has interesting details like intricate bas relief, rose windows and decorative corinthian columns that will make you smile in awe.

Made from coral stones, it was almost finished in 1898 when the Philippine revolution against Spain broke out. Its old cemetery is also interesting for its fence that are just thick and with stout pillars.’s sister site,, covers this church in more detail.

Casa Municipal
2 Ruins of Patnongon Church and convent
If it wasn’t destroyed during World War II, which were bombed by the Americans (as most old churches across the country were), the Patnongon Church would have been the biggest in Antique. Now, only the walls and first level of the facade still stand. The attached convent is now occupied by St. Augustine’s Academy.

Another casualty of the war is the town’s Casa Municipal, a few meters and perpendicular to the church ruins.

3 Ruins of San Pedro Church, San Jose
San Pedro, a barangay in the capital town of San Jose de Buenavista is the site of another church ruin. From the way it is constructed, of mamposteria (stones), it can be said as one of the oldest. Like Patnongon Church, only the first level of the facade and walls remain. There are interesting details at the top of two side portals.

Unlike most of the heritage sites listed here, it is far from the main highway.

The beautiful cemetery chapel of Hamtic

1st Malay settlement, 1200 A.D. marker. CLICK TO ENLARGE
4 Hamtic cemetery chapel
The first time I visited Hamtic last year, I really missed this chapel. I was just so close, about a hundred yards but really didn’t find it. With this second visit, I made sure that I see it and I did.

The chapel is charming, despite being amidst a cemetery. It’s thick stone walls add to its quiantness. A short narrow path lined with weeping atiocas make the walk pleasant.

Hamtic is also the site of the first Malay settlement in 1200 AD. How they knew about this, I don’t really have no idea, but it was one of the stops of the Balangay last year. A marker, right, marks the place.

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  1. 1 out of 4 ko ani bai kay Patnongon Ruins pa lang ako naadtoan. Since Antique is my mother-in-law’s home province, I hope to visit all the churches/ruins you featured here someday.

  2. i went to Antique just recently.. kaso sa Tibiao lang ako… I wish i had more time para na-explore ko din these site… maybe next time! 🙂

  3. It’s a shame for me. I used to live in Iloilo City and would just pass by these churches when I go to Antique.

  4. It reminds me of the Sta. Maria Cemetery Ruins, sana makapunta rin ako dito someday, if my budget permits, hahaaha!

  5. Anonymous

    you will ed 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    when you got the time, do visit this province

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    some other time pre

  8. Anonymous

    gamay pero okay ang heritage sites ngadto bai

  9. kleg

    hi. wanna ask if you know direct buses/fxs frm kalibo to san jose antique? thank you.

  10. estancabigas

    just go to the ceres bus terminal in Kalibo. there are several trips to san jose daily.

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