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Almost a failed hunt for crabs in Kalibo

Fresh buttered shrimp from RML Kamayan
Fat mud crab that the hotel owner gave me

After having seen so much cooked mud crabs, shrimps, fish and grilled chicken used as decor during the Ati-ati Festival in Ibajay, both procession and the street dancing, I was craving for seafood!

When I did reach Kalibo from Ibajay’s festival, I was checking foursquare for food recommndations as well as asked locals: Where can I eat crabs? Unfortunately, locals were telling me that either I buy them or have someone cook these for me.

Fortunately, a Twitter contact recommended RML Kamayan, one of the native food restaurant in Kalibo. When I did arrived there, I was told that there were no crabs that day. Darn! But they did have shrimps. Having been so hungry, I opted for it paired with some cool halo-halo.

There’s more to the western part of Panay than Boracay. In fact, there are many interesting places in the provinces of Aklan, Antique and western Iloilo that just amazes without driving all the way to Caticlan. Ruins, churches, food and rowdy festivals are there waiting. The shrimp was fresh, as one can tell from the taste. It was cooked at just the right temperature, succulent and sweet. A plateful gone in a few minutes.

Having been sated, I went back to the hotel. While getting my key, I asked the owner where to eat crabs and, wonder of wonders, she has some. Her daughter brought some from a nearby town and she was willing to give me one!

Nevermind if I’ve already eaten but the thought of savoring the sweet crab meat was just too hard to resist that I gave in and was eating with my barehands. Not a failed attempt!

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4 thoughts on “Almost a failed hunt for crabs in Kalibo”

  1. Personally when we go to picnicks with my friends and family, we eat with barehands too and we regard that as a delicious way of eating.

    But hey sir! Beware of your cholesterol level and for possible food allergey hahaha. But I agree with you, it is hard to resist. I don’t eat crustaceans but I understand the feeling of eating a food you crave for :))

    Happy Eating!

  2. Anonymous

    wow! that’s really huge Glen!

  3. Anonymous

    @ed, fave ko ang crabs ๐Ÿ™‚

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