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Interesting heritage churches in Pangasinan

The beautiful church of Binmaley

Through the invitation of Micamyx, fellow travel blogger who hails from Dagupan, a bunch of us bloggers went to the northwestern province of Pangasinan to enjoy and discover what this beautiful place has to offer. First administered by the Augustinians and then followed on by the Recollects in the 17th century and the Dominicans later, Pangasinan has a rich treasure trove of heritage churches built during the Spanish colonial era.

During this trip, there were times that I did not join the other bloggers since I’ve already visited some places like the Hundred Islands. During these times, I was church hopping and trying to survey those that I haven’t visited yet in the hope of coming back and making a more detailed documentation for The following churches are those that I’ve visited.

Binmaley Church
The weather was just so good, a clear and sunny day that when I arrived at Binmaley, first thing in the morning, I was just in awe. A very simple and whitewashed facade with a very massive and elaborate belfry with its age showing. The original convento and perimeter fence is still intact.

Calasiao Church

Calasiao Church
The town is famous for the puto Calasiao, small, sweet and sticky rice cakes. Equally known is the beautiful church which has been renovated after the facade got damaged in the earthquake. It still has interesting artifacts and structures with the three original retablos still intact. The original facade is of the Cagayan style.

Lingayen Cathedral

Lingayen Cathedral
Its impossible to get a full frontal facade shot of the cathedral owing to the structures directly infront of the structure and on an ordinary afternoon, the street is quite busy.

The edifice is imposing in size with the least of embellishments except for a bas relief at the pediment. The facade is wider compared to Binmaley with a, more or less, proportioned belltower that is more interesting with its many windows and niches.

Labrador Church

The church in Labrador is smaller than the edifices pictured above, simpler and, like Binmaley and Lingayen, has less embellishments. However, once you get inside, its the feeling of antiquity that envelopes you. The retablos are quaint and still original.

Bolinao Church

The Bolinao Church is one of the oldest in the country with its type of architecture markedly different from the other heritage churches in Pangasinan.

The church is a three level structure with the first having niches for saints. The second, consists of windows while the pediment has a central niche for the patron saint.

The interior has been renovated already but there are still interesting woodwork that can be found at the side.

A few years ago, there was a commotion when it was said that a human face appeared at one section of the facade but most probably was just a pattern that roughly formed a face.

Salasa, Bugallon, Pangasinan

There’s no spanish colonial era church in the town center of Bugallon. However, if you go to one of its barangay, Brgy. Salasa, lo and behold, a beautiful and really old church. The Cagayan style, church facade with distinct finials at its pediment, is very much apparent in this church. It is said that said style originated in Pangasinan and was brought to Cagayan Valley with the Dominicans, being both regions part of their spiritual administration.

10 thoughts on “Interesting heritage churches in Pangasinan”

  1. great post bai. The beauty of these churches are when until now, they are still utilized by the devotees and churchgoers plus ung pag-preserve sa kanila are reaping rewards which are like this: opportunity to share more when one visit the place.

  2. Anonymous

    thanx bai. the churches there are indeed beautiful. and still plenty 🙂

  3. astig ng belfry ng Lingayen church talaga. BTW, may facelift na pala siya, dati kasi walang pang painting na ganyan. anyway, maganda parin.

  4. Hindi ko pa napuntahan lahat ng churches na to except Bolinao ChurchI fell in love with the Bolinao Church.

  5. Bonzenti [Con Tour]

    I am so fascinated with churches. Wala lang masyado dito sa mindanao ganyang mga hispanic churches, except in some places here….:-).

  6. Anonymous

    yup, only a few ones in mindanao. been to all na 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    maganda ang bolinao pero marami pa mas maganda sa pangasinan 🙂

  8. To be honest, sa trip na to ko lang na-realize na magaganda pala ang churches namin 🙂 hindi pa natin na-explore lahat in that case 😀

  9. Anonymous

    @mica, i want to go back

  10. Louis Villa

    mas maganda dati simbahan ng lingayen kaya lang sobra ang sira nito
    noon panahon ng guerra at hindi na recover simula. noon ako luma picture
    ng bago masira at during the war.

    may libro din na lumabas sa mga simbahan ng lingayen pero out of stock na.

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