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Maiden flight, Cebu – Hong Kong

Hovering above Hong Kong

I was invited by AirPhil Express to join them in their maiden flight from Cebu to Hong Kong and stayed for almost a week to explore, photograph and get to know more about this beautiful place south of the Chinese mainland. My mobile phone’s alarm sounded and I was roused from my sleep immediately, even if I just had a few hours sleep, to be precise, three hours, still wrapped in Movenpick Hotel’s blanket and my head embedded deep into the plush pillow inside a room shared with two other guys from AirPhil Express.

But I have to get up, take a bath and prepare as the call time was 0330H and we have to be at the airport an hour after. Brushed my teeth, made last minute packing up. I had a continental breakfast but what made it memorable was the porridge with tender shrimps and pieces of fish.

Maiden flight speech, CLICK TO ENLARGE

It was my first maiden flight and didnd’t expect that it would be that eventful with speeches, dragon dances, free breakfast (again) at the departure lobby but I was more excited of flying, of visiting again Hong Kong. After the ceremonies, it was just a few minutes to boarding time.

Hong Kong. Ah, the city known for its fast paced lifestyle, glass buildings, Filipina (as well as Indonesian) domestic helpers, cantopop, shopping and food.

Where should I go? Where should I explore? What should I eat? These thoughts were racing through my head while we were already airborne and I was busy pouring again over my Top 10 Hong Kong guide that I bought five years ago when I first visited the area. But this is not just a vacation, unlike all inclusive holidays playa blanca. The last time I was there, I only had quite a few hours to explore. This time, I had five days at my disposal.

Five days. After the obligatory destinations that we have to visit during our stay, as arranged by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (a great many thanks to them), surely, I still have much spare time. And according to my guidebook, I should visit a beach, probably in Sai Kung; visit the night markets, especially Temple Street; temples, shopping malls, cafe’s and restaurants and many others.

Most of the times, however, guidebooks (and the internet) are so loaded with information that the end result is often to trash itineraries and just leave it to myself to explore. And I might just do that in this trip. Or, if something comes up interesting then I might just do that.

After a short nap, Hong Kong was already in view. A few minutes later, the plane landed at the tarmac.

This trip was made possible by AirPhil Express. Like their Facebook page to keep updated of promos and cheap fares.

4 thoughts on “Maiden flight, Cebu – Hong Kong”

  1. Abigail Dy

    I envy your trip. We were in HK for about 2 days and it was mostly filled with tours that my parents hired.
    At night though, we would stay out until 2 or 3 just to explore the streets!
    🙂 would love to hear more stories about your trip! and tips for our next HK trip!

  2. @abigail, 2 days is really hectic. thanx for visiting. more posts to come.

  3. I’m confused. What is a maiden flight? I know the use of the word maiden to mean ‘first’, but the festivities attached make me think it’s something else?

  4. @chris, you’re right about the maiden flight, its the first. In Asia, especially those businesses by Chinese-descent businessmen, its the norm to have these ‘rituals’ to ward off bad luck, a better and successful business.

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