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Gustatory delight at Horizons Macau

Kabucha Veloute with Herbs Crusted Hokkaido Scallop

I was invited by the Macau Government Tourism Office-Philippines (MGTO) together with other travel writers and bloggers for a familiarization tour to this interesting place last May and it was a beautiful experience with its cuisine, glitz and old world charm. The surroundings were luxurious with opulent decors. Nothing has been spared with the whole setting: thick carpeting, expensive dinner ware, high ceilings, large tables with immaculate white covers and plush seats. Couple this with stunning views of Cotai Strip. And of course, good food.

Beautiful and luxurious dining area. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Horizons is one of those restaurants that has a couple of surprises. For lunch, there were a couple of dishes that I really, really liked.

The meal started with a bread and bread sticks. While it was good as an opener, different with not the usual stick of butter, but looking at the menu, there were some interesting fare lined up for lunch. Some not so familiar ingredients that I’ve read for the first time.

Champagne Glazed Cold Smoked Salmon. CLICK TO ENLARGE
I like squash especially if it is made into a thick soup with dried fish (or shrimp) and ginger, a dish that I haven’t eaten for some time now. At first look, the served Kabucha veloute with herb crusted Hokkaido scallops looked enticing. This should be promising.

The pureed kabucha (a kind of sweet pumpkin) and veloute (white sauce made from stock instead of milk) was just good, flavorful, light and creamy. The scallop, on the other hand, a perfect complement with its intensity of taste from the herbs and sweetness of the meat.

The kumquat espuma (spanish for foam, in this case, a culinary technique) and the pata negra chips provide a pleasing counterpoint. I really liked this dish, and perhaps, one of the best served to us. It’s also beautifully plated with the contrast of colors.

The champagne glazed cold salmon came on a longitudinal dish. Presentation wise, it was artistically done. I like the salmon. I like the enhanced flavor due to smoking and its taste without the oily fishiness.

Contrasting with the salmon’s smooth texture and flavor are two different kinds of roe: ikura and caviar, diced and citrusy cucumber salsa and the beet root puree. It was really a flavorful experience.

Different kind of salts from different parts of the world, left to right: Hawaiian lava salt, rose salt (Bolivia), blue salt (Iran) and crystal salt (Pakistan)
Tahitian vanilla creme brulee with different berries. CLICK TO ENLARGE

One thing that really got me curious was the rectangular receptacle with four compartments infront of me. Natural salts from different parts of the world, different colors ranging from charcoal black to rosy pink, each with its own character. These, and six other condiments are for the steak that the restaurant offers.

Dessert was Tahitian vanilla creme brulee topped with different kind of berries. Under the crisp caramelized sugar layer is a delightfully creamy and smooth custard that, when paired with the berries, the sweetness is enhanced more.

Horizons in Macau does have its winners and with the luxurious trappings, one’s experience is bound to be memorable. Staff is courteous and accommodating and, for Filipinos, it’s always good to meet other Pinoys, especially here in Macau where many work in hotels and restaurants. Don’t be surprised if one will converse with you in Filipino.

Level 3, Crown Towers, City of Dreams, Estrada Do Istmo, Macau
+853 8868 6681

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  1. Ganda ng timing, anniversary na ng Macau trip natin 😀

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