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Ang Langyaw in PDI for Wandering Juan win

Newspaper clipping on our Wandering Juan win

Ang Langyaw has been featured in the 26 September 2010 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the country’s biggest and well respected newspaper in the Lifestyle section under Travel Briefs!

The article was about our win in Cebu Pacific’s Wandering Juan Travel Blog Awards of which I won.

Cabigas ( bagged the culture and heritage prize with his picturesque description of his hometown Cebu’s baluartes. He also received an unlimited two-month Cebu Pacific domestic travel pass and a two-night, three-day Fun Tours package for two at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu.

Click on the thumbnail at the right to read the full article.

8 thoughts on “Ang Langyaw in PDI for Wandering Juan win”

  1. galing! meron palang contest ang cebu pac hehe

  2. pwede ako pod? hahaha… naa ba ko’s 1/516th. lol…

  3. sorry i meant naa pa ko’s 1/516th. wala pay katiting sa imong mga travels wehehehe…

  4. pompo

    Congratulations! galing! two month unlimited domestic travel pass! nagamit mo na? kmusta ang experience?

  5. 2-month unlimited domestic travel pass…WOW! Congrats bai! Keep up the good work.

  6. Yep, nagamit ko na since september. okay na okay and i can just change routes at whim. hehehe

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