Philippine Blog Awards: 3 nominations, 1 win

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Not bad at all.

Despite the recent setback that I suffered when it came to the Best Travel Blog category (Ferdz won it and congrats to him) in the Philipine Blog Awards which just ended last night, I at least garnered three nominations and was able to win one:

Best Single Post – Travel: How I Broke a Ritual Taboo in BatadWINNER
Best Single Post – Photoblog: Night Photography in MactanFinalist
Best Photoblog – Binary SilverFinalist

Well, I was not really there but the news was relayed to me by Dong Ho via text and read about it at Nina’s Plurk. Thanx to the two of you, I’m very much grateful!

Stan Cabigas helps businesses get qualified leads and more sales via Messenger Chatbots. He's also a photographer, blogger and writer based in Cebu, the Philippines. A true blue Cebuano, he makes stunning images and meaningful photo stories. His work has been published in local and international publications including National Geographic Magazine, Geo (Germany), Sunday Times Magazine (London). His personal Photography work has been exhibited in Asia and Europe including Paris, Seoul and around the ASEAN regional capitals. He is also a peripatetic traveler and has been to all 81 Philippines provinces.

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10 thoughts on “Philippine Blog Awards: 3 nominations, 1 win

  1. Congrats! Pareho tayo ng stat regarding wins and nominations. hehe

  2. Congrats Estan! Funny naman, that entry was also the winner of my Loney Planet travel journal contest 😀

  3. Congrats. That was still an honor.
    Anyway, winner or not, you’re still one of the best.

  4. congratulations estan! you highly deserve this award.

  5. congrats kuy! pacheese burger pud dra. hehe

  6. thanx! 🙂

    nina, o nga. I saw the potential. hehehe

    richard, o ba. magkadto ka sa nearest na jollibee. hambalan mo lista sa akon ngalan 🙂

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