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Summer is here!

One of the islets that dot the waters off Busuanga near the town of Coron. Isn’t this just perfect for that getaway?

Just go out into the great wide world! Summer is here! With the temperature boiling in hot hot polluted Manila, what better way to douse out the sizzle than going places: cooling off in Baguio, getting bummed at the thousands of beaches across the country, going at long last to that edge of the earth wonder in some remote barrio in the archipelago or just visit ones roots and get acquainted again with childhood friends and cousins.

If you’re low on budget or have no reason to go out of the metropolis, there are still good places tucked into some hidden corner in the metro. Just get out and experience another place!


9 thoughts on “Summer is here!”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Summer time is just my fave time of the year. Happy Summer To You!!!

  2. Oh Yeah! I could actually feel the heat. But also the best time to take some snaps. Beautiful capture on that island. More travels to you as well

  3. nice island. looks private. hehe. =D

  4. acey, its not private but just one of the many beautiful islets that gives a veneer of being private 🙂

  5. wow! you’ve been to almost everywhere, estan!!

    have you been siquijor or zambales? were thinking of going there kasi.

  6. WOW…. Captivating! sarap mag beach!!!

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