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The lonely road to Gov. Generoso


map_mati.gif On an ordinary day, the highway leading to the municipality of Gov. Generoso in the middle of the western side of the long and narrow peninsula of Davao Oriental is lonely. Except perhaps for the occasional bus or private vehicle traveling to Mati, the province’s capital or to Tagum in Davao del Norte. Sometimes, a habalhabal, a motorized public transport, passes filled with passengers. And on other times, local people going about their way walking on foot along the roadsides.

Fishermen going about their business casting their nets or cruising at sea provides a welcome respite to the roadside scenery monotony. Just a few minutes after the sun has set behind Samal Is. and stopping at an elevated area with a clearing overlooking the sea, you can find folks wading in the still and shallow waters. At the background, the lofty mountains of Compostela Valley loom.


Gov. Generoso is a small sleepy town. Lazy afternoons are spent at the coast. Atop docked boats, these two women are busy preening.


In some parts of the highway, exposed rockfaces are common sight. Here, these youths are enjoying each other’s company while watching the sunset.


A habalhabal loaded with passengers pass by the often deserted roads. While the entire stretch going to Gov. Generoso is not fully paved, with a few portions still rough roads, those that have been cemented are well maintained. One of the dominant feature of this peninsula, just behind the municipality is the forested Mt. Hamiguitan (shown as background, top) that is famed for its Tinagong Dagat, a mountain lake, lots of rare wildlife and at the summit, is its bonsai forest.

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  1. That is quite a long trip… enjoy!
    Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…may all your dreams come true in 2008!
    I am back to Belgium… I will be blogging again at the end of January!
    Take care!

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