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Why I always have itchy feet
Ang Langyaw admiring the beautiful Batanes landscape.

The habal-habal sped off down the slope at the junction in Damay, Impasug-ong, Bukidnon as I sat just behind the rambunctious driver of the Honda motorcycle. To keep my balance, I am tightly holding on to the customized metal frames at the rear end that serves as a seat for a passenger in this ingeniously converted mode of mountain transport.

As it negotiated stony and narrow paths as well as blind curves on this rough trail that used to be a logging road, the air seemed to get cooler as we climbed in elevation. The high canopy of trees above parted and as we came and stopped at a clearing at one side of the mountain, lo and behold, just before us, a majestic view of Bukidnon in the heart of Mindanao. Its plateaus, hills and mountains with the awesome Kitanglad and Kalatungan mountain ranges looming at the background set in place to form a perfect panorama that easily imprinted in my mind.

I am exhilarated. I am ecstatic. And I am humbled at such natural beauty!

I always love going to and experiencing places. Be it in the rugged landscapes of Batanes (above) or tasting durian for the first time in Davao. Become teary eyed as strong fried chili finally made its mark at a streetside diner in Bangkok. What about gazing up the majestic brick wonder that is the Spanish colonial era church in Tumauini, Isabela or crossing the open sea dangerously between Homonhon Is. and Guiuan in Samar on a small banca against strong waves from the Pacific? Or inadvertently breaking a taboo in Batad, Ifugao that, thank God, it didn’t cost me much for the ritual to be done again?

Travel offers all these wondrous sensory overload. It broadens one’s horizons. It is not only a discovery of places, people, vistas and food. It is not only about reaching the destination. More than that. It is a personal journey to one’s self.

Travel is a passion.

No wonder I constantly have itchy feet and hit the road to nowhere.


22 thoughts on “Why I always have itchy feet”

  1. You have a wonferful site…..

    Join my community too and I have joined yurs

  2. estan what i can say is this is one of the best travel blog. like the blogs of ferdz, byahilo, oggie and tutubi, this blog is such a hit because of the balance of really really good pictures, interesting write ups and the connection between the blogger and the adventure of traveling.

    congratulations! and consider me as one of your avid reader. always looking forward for new posts.

  3. Hi, Estan…

    I wish I have the freedom just like you to go places without some work commitment to hold you back…

    I’m an avid visitor of your site but couldn’t regularly visit because of my work schedule. Yet once in a while I tried to take a peek to your site.

    More power to you, Estan 🙂

  4. dodong flores, okay ra na bai. if you don’t want to miss posts, you can always subscribe 🙂

    thanx for the headsup 😀

  5. really great blog, i envy you hahaha

  6. We have a doctor friend who lives in impasug-ong. Been there and it really is beautiful

  7. luigi eguia

    i love to hear u speak in a matter of fact,i’m also living in Talisay, Cebu. i knew u r a Talisaynon because i read in the Inquirer ‘lifestyle section’ about you and your interest in photography.sakto ba ko tan?hehehe.anyway,like you,i also love photography.i have not-so-good pictures on my friendster.very it really expensive to go to other places just like what youre doing? or is there any sponsorship? i wish i can do that also.thank and more power!

  8. @luigi, salamat, mura dako dako pud diay to impact ang inquirer article 🙂

    when it comes to travel, if you really want to, magsave lang jud ka bai o find opportunities that will bring you to places.

  9. Wow bai, maayo ka pa…free! Hay unta ako man sad. Kaluluoy cam ko, naguba tungod overused….:p

  10. I have rode at the back of a habal-habal on that mountain road in Impasug-ong, Bukidnon last June 2008. I just came down from Mt. Kitanglad and Mt. Dulangdulang in three days and I was already cold and my feet ached so much that I gambled to ride on one. The furrows on the road the road were so deep and boulders blocked some of the route downhill. It was a tremendous effort by the driver to steer the motorcycle amidst all those obstacles. Of course, the view is beautiful and exhilirating. You get to see the wide expanse of Bukidnon at a high elevation.

  11. Alfonso

    This is the best Philippine travel blog I’ve seen so far. Keep it up Estan!

  12. Hands down one of the best 3 travel blogs I’ve followed.

  13. This kind of articles (and a few other hundred ones) is the reason why you serve to be an inspiration for us Estan! Looking forward to more posts!

  14. Love the layout of your site! I’m always looking for inspiration for when I migrate my blog to Hope to meet you in the PTB meet-ups soon!

  15. @aleah, thanx. hope to meet you soon too 🙂

  16. ah mao diay ni… the first few sentences is so familiar i’m thinking of iloilo blogging summit. hehehe…

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