Come to think of it that after the long drive to Baler, all you can think of is being fed, pampered and rejuvenated as you arrive in Costa Pacifica, the town’s only recommended four star rated resort that is facing Sabang Beach. But then, after spending a few days, you realize that that’s really not the whole point of staying in all those luxurious setting with interesting architecture. READ MORE: Costa Pacifica: A refreshing getaway in Aurora It’s all about the little things that becomes…Continue Reading “Discovering Costa Pacifica’s allure”

Yes, I love the modern and minimalist suites of Costa Pacifica in Baler. It’s a well designed private space with a great color palette that is welcoming and refreshing. Unlike cheap hotels that give you stuffy rooms, the Junior Premier Suite that we stayed at was quite spacious, at 40 square meters. It’s not only in terms of floor area but it has a high ceiling as well, at least for the top floor where we were, that add to its appeal. READ MORE: Costa…Continue Reading “Cozy room that you’ll love at this Baler resort”

This Hotel Luna stay was sponsored by Deal Grocer (, the best site for the best deals and discounts on resorts, hotels, restaurants, beauty and experiences. We all know how beautiful Vigan is. Being a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique value makes it all the more important and that’s why it’s one of the must visit here in the Philippines. And I’m proud to say that I’ve been to this beautiful heritage city several times already. But a visit is not enough….Continue Reading “Experiencing old Vigan in Hotel Luna”

I love my beach side villa stay at Club Paradise Palawan. Not because it’s free but it’s one of those experiences that you can’t just take for granted. Especially if you’ve been quite busy working for the past month, zipping from one destination to the next and going back. Tight deadlines, copious articles to write and images to edit, all for the sake of earning a living to achieve goals and bills to pay. And then the opportunity to go on vacation, no, working vacation…Continue Reading “Why I loved my villa stay in Club Paradise Palawan”

For such a compact island, Sumilon has many things to offer for the intrepid adventurer or if you’re the type who just want to relax and have a good vacation. From luxurious comforts, sumptuous food to family fun and adventure like hiking, kayaking and birdwatching to just swimming in the clear and cool waters. This is why I just love this island. Pristine, rugged and with creature comforts. It’s an escape that is not too far from Cebu City and is a good base to…Continue Reading “10 reasons why you will love Sumilon Island”