Thank god it wasn’t a rainy afternoon in Makati and Max and the gang of pets were able to go to the mall and have a leisurely afternoon in Greenbelt. You know, pets have this secret life and they do whatever they want to do whenever their owners are not around. I should know. I saw the movie The Secret Life of Pets, a few days ago and learned that they can go on adventures, travel or save their other pet friends from danger. You…Continue Reading “Pets head to Greenbelt for an idle afternoon visit”

Lombok is predominantly peopled by the Sasak tribe, numbering around 3 million or around 80% of the population. Although the lumbung, Sasak vernacular architecture for a granary is quiet visible around Mataram, and is emblematic of the island’s Sasak culture, it is in the Sasak Sade Village in Rembitan where one can appreciate the tribe’s way of life and heritage. Visitors are greeted with a traditional musical ensemble in traditional dress, and already, the craftsmanship of their musical instruments, from the wooden gong holders slung…Continue Reading “A glimpse of Sasak life in Rembitan, Lombok”

Most Filipino tourists skip Nagoya or the Aichi Region in general and usually do the three city circuit of Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Even in my first trip to Japan last July 2015, I essentially followed this circuit, entering Tokyo and exiting Osaka within 8 days. Good thing that with flights from Manila to Nagoya, exploring this city and its region is easy and convenient. Although it’s a big region and still so much to do, allow me to show you ten places that you…Continue Reading “10 places to visit in and around Nagoya”

Tourism has become a big source of income worldwide, fueled by different peoples’ desire to see something out of the ordinary. Thankfully, this is something that we can stay competitive at. On top of the rich assortment of lodging options, all-in resorts, and reasonably priced hotels in the Philippines, we also have amazing vistas and a naturally hospitable character. But because we experience them on a daily basis, we’ve come to take them for granted. To help remind you, here’s just a few reasons why you…Continue Reading “Reasons Why You Should Tour the Philippines Before Ever Going Abroad”

Thanx to Silkwinds, Silk Air’s inflight magazine, the Philippine champorado is featured in the September issue of the magazine, which I photographed. Each month, the one page feature highlights a particular food from Silk Air’s network of destinations. Some of the other food features that I’ve submitted also included the leche flan in a past issue. The champorado is a Filipino comfort food made from rice and chocolate, preferably from tablea medallions that are readily available in the market. These are rich and 100% ground…Continue Reading “My champorado photo in Silkwind’s September 2016 issue”