The mood was homey and the ambiance relaxing as the warm light of Calle Barlin exuded a yellowish glow to its interior. We were already hungry when we arrived as we spent much of the day going around several interesting spots in Naga City and surrounding municipalities. Seeing that the restaurant is at the ground floor of an old house in Naga City’s old quarter, made it more interesting that I have to run my hand on the surface of the tree trunk that acts…Continue Reading “Relaxing dining experience at Calle Barlin”

It’s always a delight to discover interesting food that you can say, wow, this is a great discovery worthy of another visit! That food is at Woodstone Kitchen with its take on Bicol cuisine with a twist by its owner, Chef Ton Castillo. Although Chef Ton is not from Bicol, his father is from Batangas and mother from Zamboanga but is from Manila, frequent visits to Naga City even as a child, growing up and attending school in the city and eventually calling it home,…Continue Reading “Bicol cuisine with a twist at Woodstone Kitchen”

I was a little disappointed when I first saw the first level of Bugtong Bato Falls in Tibiao, Antique. It hadn’t rained for about two weeks, I was told, and the volume of the water was not that big. Waterfalls are a bit tricky. During the summer months, don’t expect a deluge. When it rains, the water is murky. And during rainless days, most have small volumes of water. Bugtong Bato Falls was no different. But it wasn’t something that I can do something about…Continue Reading “Challenging multi-level Bugtong Bato Falls”

The first time I saw Bulingan Falls was online and I marvelled at its rock formations. Many think twice of visiting Basilan because of the notorious Abu Sayyaf. Yes, they still exist, unfortunately but it doesn’t mean that you should not visit. As what locals say, stay in city centers like Isabela City or Lamitan. Although its still possible to go to other parts, they would not advise it. Lamitan has often been part of the Abu Sayyaf stories. Yes, there was a major encounter…Continue Reading “Charming Bulingan Falls in Lamitan City”

A part of my heart is in Iligan City, thus the reason that I’ve been going back there from time to time. Iligan City is small. unlike Cagayan de Oro City up north, there’s not much to go around like malls, unless you want to spend time experiencing the many waterfalls that the city is popular with. Foodwise, there are several restaurants, cafe’s and diners and I’ve been to several of these. One of the local restaurants that I really love is Gina’s BBQ Express….Continue Reading “Where to eat in Iligan City: Gina’s BBQ Express”