Should you try Boracay’s chori burger?

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A simple chori burger
A simple chori burger

I’ve been to Boracay countless times and it was only in December last year that I first got to taste chori burger while on assignment for a regional inflight magazine. Chori burger, for the uninitiated is actually not a burger but just slices of chorizo, grilled, including the bun. A special spicy-sweet sauce completes the sandwich. It is one of Boracay’s simple yet quite popular street food.

I didn’t go to Mely’s BBQ, a stall along Station 1 who is said to have started this one. The sandwich, after becoming hugely popular is now offered in almost every stall serving barbecued pork. It’s also served in many restaurants of which, I ordered the one at Jonah’s Shakes during a hot and humid afternoon while also ordering there popular fruit shakes.

The chori burger is quite simple. The chorizo slices tend to be on the sweetish side. It’s the smokey flavor and aroma, the sweet/spicy sauce that really makes it interesting. But I should say that in itself, just okay. Nothing really special. That’s why I ordered their dressed up chori burger with sunny side up egg, lettuce, slices of tomatoes and more sauce.

That got me more interested.

What about you? Do you like chori burger?

Chorizo slices and bun being grilled
Chorizo slices and bun being grilled
A dressed up chori burger with egg, lettuce and the works
A dressed up chori burger with egg, lettuce and the works

Chori burger is mostly available in several stalls starting in the afternoon till night. For the original, look for Mely’s BBQ along Station 1 near Starbucks.

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2 thoughts on “Should you try Boracay’s chori burger?

  1. Marge Dela Rama says:

    This is sssooo overrated! Nothing special. The only consolation you get is eating it on a beach setting. Also, isn’t it supposed to be Merly’s & not Mely’s? 😉😉😉

  2. I agree though. It’s overated. 🙂

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