Dating to 1 A.D., this is the oldest cemetery I’ve laid eyes on! Rita, a friend I met via Twitter when I got to Barcelona toured me around the nooks and crannies of the old Gothic Quarter and the interesting spaces that aren’t as popular as the quite touristy ones. While walking around, we stumbled at this ancient Roman graveyard at the Plaça Vila de Madrid. The Via Sepulcra Romana, as what the place is called reminds one of the Roman roots of this Spanish…Continue Reading “An ancient Roman graveyard in Barcelona”

I’ve been exploring cemeteries in the Philippines for quite a while now and discovering interesting architecture, be it from crumbling Spanish colonial era chapels to art deco mausoleums always gives me a great thrill. But when I was in Paris when I got invited to show photography work at Photoquai 2013, I did have an opportunity to explore two cemeteries as well. Although I wasn’t able to visit the largest, Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise, it was during two walks around Montmartre and Montparnasse that I…Continue Reading “Architecture and famous dead in 2 Parisian cemeteries”

BPI Lifestyle Museum Valderosa St. Zamboanga City When BPI Zamboanga, the bank’s second branch celebrated it’s centenary in February 2012, the second floor of the historic building was converted into a lifestyle museum that showcased the residence that it once was. Originally a house owned by a wealthy Chinese trader who was Christianized and took on the name of Don Francisco Barrios and which became the residence of Gen. John Pershing. Original period furniture, as what would have been used during the featured era in…Continue Reading “Four must visit museums in Zamboanga City”

Indian cuisine makes it’s debut at Cafe Marco as Marco Polo Cebu embarks on a new culinary journey in time for the Diwali, India’s biggest and grandest celebration and is also called the Festival of Lights. I can still remember when I was in Singapore a few years ago and was there during the run up to Deepavali (another spelling version, referring to the lamp, typically used for the occasion) and the streets within Little India were all bright with lights and color. Several interesting…Continue Reading “Sumptuous Diwali Culinary Journey at Cafe Marco”

The pinkish sandy shore of Sta. Cruz Island glistened as the pristine aquamarine waters broke into shore as we walked at a narrow strip of sand bounded on the right by low lying vegetation and to the left the sea. In less than a hundred meters from the cottages, our  guide led us to a small area which is the cemetery of Badjaos, Tausugs and Sama. I’m always fascinated with cemeteries and cemetery art, especially those built during the Spanish colonial era with antique elements…Continue Reading “Boat-like grave markers at a Badjao cemetery”