The cool waters of Taktak Falls

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Taktak Falls is a waterfall where the water was dammed to make a pool
Taktak Falls is a waterfall where the water was dammed to make a pool
Taktak Falls
The developed pool that dammed in the water

The bumpy ride was long and the air was humid. After more than a few hours of riding the habalhabal albeit roofed, the toll on the butt can just be painful. But going to Taktak Falls, Siargao, in the municipality of Sta. Monica, was a refreshing change of scenery, a break from the long stretches of seascapes and the horizon. Here was something fresh and cool.

Taktak Falls in Siargao is one of just a few waterfalls in the island group. I remember another in the municipality of del Carmen wherein one could only travel there by pumpboat and the cascade, a short one, is just a few meters from the sea. Because there are no lofty hills in this island, most are limestone hills, this 45 feet waterfalls is fed by rainwater from the upper elevations of Sta Monica.

An endemic weevil of genus Metapocyrtus.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a pristine and undeveloped waterfall, you will be disappointed. A 400 meter rough road connects this cascade from the main highway. When you do reach the site, there are a few concrete sheds and the water has been dammed, the sides cemented and steel railings put in place. From time to time, water is expended.

The pool is a bit murky and deep with teenage boys jumping into it from a tree. It’s a bit popular with locals especially during weekends. No entrance fee.

How to go to Taktak Falls, hire a habalhabal, a motorcycle at either towns in Dapa, General Luna and or Del Carmen that is used as main transportation in the island. Make sure that the driver is accredited by the tourism office and has a license as there are roving Land Transportation Office staff checking for licenses from time to time. Do get the roofed ones as days can be very hot at times.

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