Tickle, tickle, tickle… with a goat’s eye

Its sole purpose is to tickle your partner.

A vendors ware of goat's eye. CLICK TO ENLARGE

I have heard about the goat’s eye and its uses in the nether regions. But haven’t actually seen it until I was walking along Juan Luna St. in Cebu City. Mere mention would be enough to make some men make a devilish smile or women go giggling.

No, the goat’s eye is not an animal’s anatomical part although a major component is derived from one, specifically the hair, unless they’ve switched to synthetics. You see, this is actually a pleasure accessory. One that is worn, unlike the aphrodisiacs like lansiao. One, as the vendor swears, that will surely bring your lady partner to the heavens during coitus.

The pleasure tool consists of course hair with a hardness that mimics the moustache arranged around an expandable ring. Of course, there are different sizes depending on the girth of one’s penis and is positioned just above the base.

The vendor also has a cardboard that tries to explain why it’s needed:

Biyaheng-langit. Goat ey (sic). Kon kinsa to ang lalaki nga dili pa gergeron sa iyang uyab or asawa kay maniguro lang sa iyang kalipay, unya ang babae wala malipay sa iyang gibuhat. Busa pare, diara ang goat ey (sic) pare. Palit na pare, mao ra ni ang makatabang nimo pare oky (sic).

This translates to:

Trip to heaven. Goat’s eye. If you’re the man who is refused sex by his girlfriend or wife because he only takes care of his own happiness, and the woman doesn’t like what he is doing. So here is the goat’s eye. Buy now. This is the only solution that will help you man, okay?

I haven’t used this one but if you’re interested, the vendor can be found along the pedestrian way a few blocks from the Basilica del Sto. Nino and priced at 80 – 100 pesos.

Estan Cabigas is freelance photographer, blogger and writer based in Makati City, the Philippines. A true blue Cebuano, he makes stunning images and meaningful photo stories. His work has been published in local and international publications including National Geographic Magazine, Geo (Germany), Sunday Times Magazine (London) and other publications. He is also a peripatetic traveler and has traveled to all 81 Philippines provinces. I'm open for work, collaborations and inquiries, including hotel, restaurant and site features and reviews.


  1. sisira wijesundara
    July 2, 2011 @ 17:33

    i like enjoy with this item

  2. sisira wijesundara
    July 4, 2011 @ 14:01

    HOW TO BUY IF ANY DETAIL.SEND ME THIS [email protected]

  3. estan
    July 4, 2011 @ 20:51

    @sisira, its just available at the sidewalk being sold by a vendor

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  5. Rudy
    February 5, 2017 @ 13:58

    how much I am interested to buy

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