The weather was not promising at all when I came to Culion and I was more worried of just having overcast skies. As the church is facing westward, I was hoping that the sun would at least shine, even for a brief moment in the afternoon. With my schedule rather tight, I needed all the luck I need to better photograph the church of Culion as my return flight to Manila will be the next day.

Every October, the Sto. Domingo Church in Quezon City is filled with pilgrims and devotees for the feast of the Nuestra Senora del Rosario, La Naval de Manila. For more than three centuries this event has been celebrated by the faithful as, like most Filipino Catholics, thanksgiving, a plea for divine intervention or affirmation of faith.

I have been looking forward to see for myself the fortress-church of Agutaya ever since I learned about it while I was in Cuyo. In no time, I’ve set out to go to this place even if the trip was rather scary. Come to think of it, these very remote islands harbor architectural gems that is historically and culturally significant. A monument to the struggles and determination to defend these people from the scourge of slave raiders and pirates.

To be considered as a nominee in the Best Blog division in the Philippine Blog Awards is honor in itself. It means that your blog, a product of hard work, has great content and is worthy of recognition. But what if it got wind of technicalities that the blog owner does not have any control? What are your chances of making it as a finalist in the Best Travel Blog category? ZERO. Last 22 August, I received an email telling me that my travel blog,…Continue Reading “Flawed nomination process in the Philippine Blog Awards?”