Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig

The stunning Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig showing its three tiers.

map_bislig.gif A stunning beauty. That is what I can say of Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig, located in the interior of the vast Picop concession in the province of Surigao del Sur. Dubbed the Little Niagara of the Philippines (why do we always have this penchant in naming places, I don’t know) because it is considered to be the widest waterfall in the country at 95 meters in width. Don’t be fooled of thinking a U-shaped lip with thunderous and voluminous waters surging in the thousands of cubic meters per second like the one found in the US but instead, its a three tiered wonder that from a distance, it just takes your breath away. A fourth level is said to be within the same system but is farther into the rugged forests.

The mid-level tier with sprays of mist ready to blanket thin layer on one’s skin.

Sprays of water form mists while the banks are shallow enough for revelers to bathe in the cool waters. Flat stones conveniently make a good platform for those photo poses. The best time to visit and photograph this is during the early morning as the sun isn’t behind, thus giving a better image of the waterfalls. This place really has a big potential for ecotourism.

The lowest level of the waterfall.

This waterfall is located about an hour from the city, following the winding logging roads of Picop. However, a private vehicle or hired van, 4×4 is better, is needed to negotiate the trail to reach this place. Century old trees and other forest vegetation lies along the path. Other than the waterfall, this is a good place for bird watching and international bird watching groups visit for a specific type of sunbird, a small but very colorful species that was discovered here a few years ago.

The scenic Borboanan Reservoir.

The Borboanan Reservoir with its natural lake a few minutes after sunset located a few kilometers after the waterfall is just along the trail. If you stop here after sunset, just have those anti-mosquito lotion handy as these insects really make a feast out of you. In going to this place, the mayor’s office or the Paper Country Inn at the city can be of assistance.

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