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Marinawa + Binanwahan = Maribina Falls

A fallen leaf seen by the author provides an interesting color while Maribina Falls is at the background
A boy surveying the waters after a short splash. CLICK TO ENLARGE

I was already in Bato, Catanduanes, documenting the famous old church there when I eventually decided not to proceed to the PAG-ASA weather station in Baras. It was already noon, just had siopao (steamed pork buns) and cooling iced tea for lunch. The heat of the day was slowly creeping in that I said to myself:

I need to have a dip at Maribina Falls

Maribina Falls in its full glory. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Just a few kilometers from both the capital town of Virac and Bato in Catanduanes, Maribina Falls is perhaps the most famous of the province’s waterfalls owing to its proximity and easy access.

At just about a kilometer from the main highway, one can either walk or hire a tricycle/habalhabal from either of the two towns (at just P60 or P10 if you commute and walk). It is situated in the barangays of Marinawa and Binanwahan and it is the combination of these two town names that the name Maribina was formed.

The walk is leisurely. Way past cement houses and a small bridge. Potted plants and gardens over fences are a common sight as well as people drying strips of abaca (eventually becomes manila hemp). After around 15 minutes, where the walk starts to go up an incline, one comes at the gates of the cascades. Visitors pay a cheap fee of just P5 to enter.

The waterfalls is actually four major cascades with the highest and bigger volumed at the topmost. It empties into a deep pool and pours fourth to the next and not too deeper pool. Between the third and the fourth, there is a huge rock, no, a boulder, that provides a counterpoint to the cascade. The waterfalls is not as grand as Tinuy-an in Bislig, or mesmerizing as Aliwagwag in Cateel, but way better than Epol in Davao City.

This huge stone provides a counterpoint to the cascading waterfall

I was really expecting that its at a forest setting but got disappointed as the vegetation around Maribina Falls is just secondary growth. There are cemented paths and cement huts (at P30 each) that it is more of a resort setting than wild jungle.

Fortunately, it was a Thursday afternoon and the only other people bathing were some adults at the first tier and some kids at the second. Very cool waters though. Just perfect to enjoy and cool off as well as take some photographs.

5 thoughts on “Marinawa + Binanwahan = Maribina Falls”

  1. The falls still a great place to have a dip on hot days even if the cascades aren’t that high. (first time I have heard about this place, thanks for sharing)

  2. @claire, yup. sarap ng malamig na tubig no and having a water massage for free 🙂

  3. I’m planning a trip to Catanduanes this year, I will include this in my IT. Thanks for sharing..

  4. love the 1st pic. nakita ng kuya ko now yung blog mu,sabe nya, ang ganda naman ng mga kuha. sabe ko, xempre si master estan yan eh! 😀 never been to Catanduanes pero mejo malapet din lng ata to samen, kaso yun nga, madalas my bagyo.

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