Puso Bistro & Bar

Good food and surprises at Puso Bistro & Bar

I was really looking forward to the Sunday lunch of Quest Hotel Cebu’s buffet at the Puso Bistro & Bar because I know lechon is served. Not just any kind of lechon but, of course, the renowned Cebu lechon that is highly coveted. Especially that I’ve been craving to have a good one as I […]

There I was, relaxing at the pool heated at 35.8 degrees. A spa like experience amidst the bamboo and coconuts and trees, enjoying the cool windy place and a lukewarm bath. The water is clear and the pool, a pile of rocks and sealed with cement is right smack in the middle of the river. […]

The sun was already high up when I gazed down the stunning scenery below. It was exactly as I saw it online except that I can feel the wind, slightly cool, comforting me from the heat. The distant sound of waves crashing was nothing more of a whisper as I savored the moment of seeing […]

Malatapay livestock market

Photo essay: The Malatapay livestock market

A cloud of dust hung in the air as boisterous livestock were everywhere. There were cows, carabaos, pigs and goats in between throngs of people under the uncaring gaze of slender and tall coconut trees. It was Wednesday and for the barangay of Malatapay, in the municipality of Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental, it was livestock market […]


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HotelQuickly adds Japan as it’s 16th country

With visa requirements relaxing and plane tickets getting cheaper, there’s a third reason traveling to Japan is budget friendly than ever. HotelQuickly, Asia’s most popular last minute booking site just added Japan as it’s 16th country recently with its purchase of local booking app, Tonight. And with hotel rates cheaper when booking through HotelQuickly, the […]