RJ: Getting a sun kissed skin and chasing waterfalls

I caught up with RJ, a friend from Iligan who has done some traveling from time to time even if he is still a student. He agreed to be featured and just like the first Travelers post, I asked him the same set of questions. Check out his favorite places and Instagram images below. Can […]

We pulled over at a forested area along the main highway where the road slightly descends at a bend. The area is cool because of the canopy of trees and after negotiating a flight of steps, got to the park grouds. A breeze blew, rustling branches and leaves as an old lady was busy sweeping […]

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Iga Kendo

An afternoon at a Kendo practice in Metro Manila

It was quiet a relief when I entered the gym that also functioned as the dojo of Iga Kendo Club during its practices at the Arena Fitness Club. It was cooler than the outside, less humid. But I got more excited of seeing for the first time kendōka (Kendo practitioners), that I have just seen […]

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Hotels and Resorts

Discover Independence
Discover Independence, great deals for great travels

Great deals await for those who want to Discover Independence with the Discovery Leisure Company’s special promo rates in time for the Philippines Independence Day celebrations. It’s easy. Head to the local homegrown hospitality’s website, use the code FREEDOM from 12 to 19 June 2016 to get as much as 50% savings for bookings till […]